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Programming jobs are one of the fastest growing jobs across the globe. The demand for programmers is growing at 50% higher rate than the growth of the overall market. Talented developers can make more money than they desire. At the beginning of the career, you might face some competition. However, once you perfect a programming language and develop an understanding of the business functioning, you can easily earn a salary of Rs. 1,00,000 per month. Many developers even earn Rs. 3,00,000 per month. If you get an opportunity to work abroad, especially in developed economies like the US, UK, etc. you may command a salary of more than $1,20,000 per annum.


Technology is continuously evolving. There are hundreds of programming languages, each of which may have specific applications. Beginners may find it hard to choose a programming language that suits them. Here is a list of programming languages that you can master to build a bright career.




Sun Microsystems developed Java in 1995. It is an object-oriented programming language and has derived most of its syntax from C and C++. The language was designed to build applications which can work across different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OSX, etc. Today, most of the enterprise software and web-based applications are developed in Java. A major part of the Android operating system has also been built on Java. If you want to become an Android developer, you must have sound knowledge of Java Programming language. Thus, Java developers have a bright career in foreseeable future.




Java and JavaScript have nothing in common apart from the name. JavaScript was developed by Netscape and is a client and server-side scripting language. It is completely different from Java. Almost 94.4% of the websites use JavaScript, and it will continue to dominate web development in the future. It is essential in developing animated functions or interactive elements on the site. It can work across multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, etc. JavaScript is also used in Desktop applications and Games development.




Structured Query Language or SQL is a special-purpose programming language which is used to manage databases.  It can be used to update databases, retrieve information and analyzes the data to generate meaningful insights. Governments, Schools, Hospitals, Banks, etc. use SQL systems such as MySQL or Oracle to manage their business information. It is also used in market research and analyzing evolving consumer behavior.




C++ is a programming language that everyone should learn. It is an object-oriented programming language that was developed by improving the features of C.  Firefox and Winamp are powered by C++. It is also used to develop high-performance server, video games, system software and server and client applications.




C-sharp is a general purpose language that combines the capabilities of C and C++. Microsoft developed the language as a part of .NET initiative. Microsoft is enhancing the language so that it becomes the preferred language for developing desktop applications. The C# programmers are high in demand as they are considered full-stack developers. C# is also used in large computer software and applications and animation software.




Python is powerful programming language which is used in the web and mobile app development. It is easier than most of the programming languages. That means, as a beginner, you can learn this language quickly, and you need to write fewer codes to achieve advanced programming goals. Python has powered best web apps such as YouTube, Rdio, Pinterest, etc. It is extensively used by Yahoo!, Google and NASA.




PHP is an open source server-side programming language. Most of the dynamic websites and web applications are developed using PHP. It can also be directly embedded into HTML files. This feature has made it preferred language for web developers. WordPress, Digg and Facebook is powered by PHP. It is also used in many top websites of the world.


Ruby on Rails


Ruby is a general purpose programming language which is mainly used to develop important sites and web applications. Rails is primarily a framework for the Ruby language. It has many qualities such as rapid development, less coding, easy to scale, integrated testing environment, 3rd parties libraries, etc. which have made it a popular language among programmers. Twitter, Living Social, Github, Hulu, etc. are some of the example sites which are built on Ruby on Rails.




Apple developed swift in 2014. Developers can use Swift to create Apps for iOS and OS X devices. Since its invention, the adoption of Swift is consistently on the rise. The language has taken a lot of syntax from Objective-C and C++. So, if you have learned C++, you may find Swift a familiar language. Many companies such as LinkedIn, American Airlines, etc. has adopted Swift quickly. The popularity of the language is expected to rise in future.




Data Science is emerging as the new career destination for many technical geeks. Data Scientists use R language to analyze Big Data and generate meaningful insights. Since Big Data is an upcoming field of study, the demand for R language programmers is growing rapidly. In coming years, you will find an increasing number jobs for R programmers being advertised on job portals.




There are and will be a lot of programming languages at any point in time. As a developer, you can’t learn all the languages. You can learn 2-3 languages and become perfect in any one that you like the most. Each language will evolve to meet newer challenges posed by technological advancements. You need to stay updated and learn new things continuously to keep pace with the time. Make sure, that you develop a right mindset and also work on your personality so that you can compete with a global talent pool. Rest assured, as a talented programmer, you will never have to worry about a decent job or career.


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About Author: David Harred is an IT specialist and an educationist. He keeps a close on eLearning industry, especially Data Center Management and SQL Server Training programs. He loves to guide students and share his knowledge with IT professionals.