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Welcome to the tenth episode of The Logophile’s Lounge (#TLL)…a one-stop-source for every information on content-writing. 


We are now ten steps ahead in our quest to shine a light on every nook and cranny of the content domain and dispel its prevalent myths. We are trying our best to answer all your questions on improving and monetizing your writing skills.


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So…without further adieu, let’s get started with our topic,


How to start from scratch and earn more than 5000 dollars per month as a freelance writer.





Is Freelancing Worth it?


If we were living in the 80s and 90s, then the answer might have been a No. 


But, thanks to the explosive trends of entrepreneurship, wealth creation and the craze of chasing one’s passions, now a big chunk of the population finds freelancing lucrative.


The love for freelancing has grown so rapidly that just from 2000 to 2015, the whole workforce segment involved in freelancing grew by 500% (Study by Paychex.)


This infographic from Nasdaq hits the bull’s eye as to what makes freelancing worth it.



Advantages of Freelancing



What you get from above is:


  • Work where you Want


  • Work when you Want


But, there is hardly any information on


How to Earn as much you Want.


This is what we are here for.


Following the tips that the Founder of ECT followed in his own life, you will soon find your freelancing pot brimming with gold.


And, who knows, it might catapult you into becoming a CEO yourself.


So, let’s get started.



Tactic 1: Learn All Types of Writing



In freelancing, most of your income will come from writing business, technical, and academic content. So, if you are really looking forward to growth, don’t restrict yourself to any one type of writing. 


As you can see in the screenshot below, the most highest paying jobs on freelancer.com  are those in technical and business writing.


Business Projects


Therefore, don’t limit yourself to a particular industry. Explore everything that comes your way.


If you don’t learn something new in every project that you do, then you will never become a successful freelancer.



Tactic 2: Get Certified



Writers don’t necessarily need a certificate. Think of any author who got a certification before writing his book


So, though not mandatory, a certification from a government recognized institute gives you an edge over millions of self-proclaimed writers as it builds credibility. You can add them to your CV and boost your chances of employment.


One of their biggest advantages is that such courses expedite the learning process and help you avoid costly mistakes that amateurs make.


There was research done by IMA on how a professional certification improves value in the digital age.  


Check out the results of this global survey.


ASI Survey


ASI Survey


As can be seen from the above charts, certifications can work as powerful fuel to propel your career.


Normally, certification courses cost around 250 dollars.


So, think about it.


Isn’t investing  250 dollars in a course always better than losing 1000 dollars a month due to lack of practical knowledge and market insights.



Tactic 3: Learn to Sell Yourself Better



The way our world is now, personal branding through selling one’s skills has become imperative to gain success in one’s field.


No matter how good you are innately, people won’t have confidence in your claim until you showcase your capability. 


Ronaldo is not a great footballer because he says it so. It is his ability to score goals on the ground that demonstrates his impressive skills. 


Similarly, you may say that you are an excellent writer. But no one would hire you based just on that. You need to write publicly, publish and prove that you will offer value to your clients. 


Remember, most of your clients will never meet you in person or see your face ever. 


They will make a first impression through what is known as a “Moment of truth”. 


So, here comes the next question


What is the Moment of Truth?


You can get a good idea of the Moment of Truth Concept from this insightful article from Forbes.


To understand simply, the moment of truth is that instance when your customers first interact with your business and create a first impression. 


So, depending on the ways you market yourself, your moment of truth could be your website, introduction email, portfolio, or how you speak over the phone.


The award-winning author Oscar Wilde once said,  


first impression


Therefore, in a business like freelancing, where everything rests on your image, be careful of your moment of truth to make an authentic first impression. 


But, working to create a solid first impression wouldn’t just be enough.


What’s also needed that you invest 40-60% of your time in sales or acquiring new clients. This step is necessary to expand your customer base, by which you can multiply your income.



Tactic 4: Acquire International and Premium Clients



Even though it’s a hard-hitting fact, international clients pay much higher compared to those from developing countries like India. So, if you are freelancing to earn your livelihood, then gaining international clients is the way to go.


Freelance marketplaces like Freelancer.com, Upwork, Guru, etc. offer a lot of opportunities to acquire international and high-paying clients. Not only do they pay more, but the experience of working with professional big-ticket clients is entirely different and enriching.


Below is an example of some projects that you can receive from International clients.


American clients


Therefore, try to get work from clients needing high-quality content. 


Such experiences will not only inspire you to learn more but also drive you to work hard to grow your freelance business.



Tactic 5: Collaborate with Other Freelancers



All Indian doctors are part of the IMA. All Indian Chartered Accountants are part of the ICAI.


The crux is that collaborations and associations are necessary. 


There may be times when you would get overburdened with work. Other times, you may not have the desired technical skills to deliver the work. 


In circumstances like these, it is always better to collaborate with other freelancers and get things done, rather than losing a client.  


Like shown below for Upwork, other sites like ECT, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc offer a large pool of skilled writers to associate with.




So, if your client needs a brochure with content as well as infographics, you can collaborate with other graphic designers to deliver the complete project.



Final Words



Even though most freelancers consider freelancing unpredictable and perilous, if done right, it can deliver great results.


So, if your freelancing career hasn’t been the stuff of dreams, start questioning 


“Are you doing it right?”


For others, who are a pro at freelancing, what more tips are relevant for budding writers.


Feel free to share them below or comment on our Youtube channel.