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So…without further adieu, let’s get started with our topic,


One of the Best Jobs in the market with the Brightest Future!


“Content Writing”




Now, since we are a content training institute, the blog may seem more like a  promotional stunt.


But, keep on reading and you will realise how less aware you are about this field’s potential.


Compared to other jobs, content writing is less known and highly misjudged.


But, those who learn the tips and tricks of this trade outpace others, not only in their salary and fame but also in the ease with which they earn.


So, let’s explore the factors that make content writing a highly lucrative domain.



1. Content Writers are in High Demand


You may not know it, but you certainly can’t deny it.


With the rapid growth of the digital economy, the need for content writers has snowballed beyond belief.


Companies need SEO writers, copywriters, bloggers, technical writers, storytellers, and the list goes on…


If you want, just check out “content writer jobs” on any job portal and you will witness something similar.



But, due to lack of awareness and ignorance about the writing field, very few invest in mastering their writing skills.  As a result, the demand for skilled and trained writers far outnumbers their supply.


This may be bad news for companies but is an extremely promising opportunity for budding writers.


Even if you are an average writer, you can read books, practice writing and keep on working on yourself. If that seems hard, there are many content writing courses available online and offline that can help in honing your writing skills.



2. Your Education and Degree Don’t Matter


You can’t become a CA without a degree in Accounting. You can’t become a nanoscientist without a degree in Science.


But, you for sure can become a content writer without any degree in writing.


(Well, as of now, no such degree exists!)


So, no matter what you have done, you can become a successful writer. 


As proof, check out the LinkedIn profile of one of the most well-known content writers in India.



She has been so successful in her career, that she was awarded the “Most Influential Content Marketing Professional” by the World Marketing Congress.


But, what matters here is not her achievements but her educational qualifications.


As you can see, she is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.


And we know that Engineering has nothing to do with English Writing.


So, irrespective of your degree, if you master your writing skills and write on what you know best, you will be successful.


3. No Prior Experience Required


To step into the content writing field, it’s not necessary to have a background in content writing.  As we saw in the above example, people from a drastically different field can work as writers if they have the required skills.


You can get a very good example from the life story of Amish Tripathi, the fastest-selling author of India. 


If you read the excerpt from his interview, you will realise he had no experience with storytelling. 



To the extent, that he didn’t even write a story during his school days.


But, that didn’t stop him from emerging as India’s first literary popstar.


So, if you envision your future as a writer, all you need to do is start writing.  Seek feedback, refine your writing skills and soon you will acquire adequate skills in this field.


4. Career Gap Doesn’t Matter


Whatever may deter you from succeeding in a traditional career, you can forget all of that if you choose the writing field.


Your Education doesn’t matter -Check


Your Experience doesn’t matter – Check


And, now, 


Your Career gap doesn’t matter – Check


If we talk about the life story of famous authors, many of them were without a job when they embarked onto their writing journey.


The best example is J.K.Rowling, one of the fewest billionaire authors of the world.


If you read about her life story, you will know that she came up with the character of Harry Potter when she was without a job.



Such miracles don’t just happen with novelists and fiction writers. 


Due to extreme talent shortage, employers accept writers with a career gap, if their content can prove its mettle.


5. Switching Careers from any Field is Easy


As has been the case with most authors, none of them were professional writers before they became famous. 


Like Amish Tripathi, who shifted from a pure marketing profession, most authors work in a completely different field before moving onto the writing.


However, when it comes to the corporate and academic field, the story is a bit different.


Most famous writers in science and business initially worked as scientists, reporters and executives before making it big in writing. 


As you can see from the below example, Jonathan Weiner was a reporter before he became a Pulitzer prize-winning science writer.



Therefore, in the writing profession, switching careers from any field is very easy. 


Rather than starting from scratch, you can use your professional expertise to make your name as a subject matter expert and even charge better compensation.


6. Helps in Moving Up the Corporate Ladder


Writing skills have been reported as one of the most desired soft skills by employers. 


Employees good in writing get a chance to move the corporate ladder faster. When there is no need to edit emails, presentations and official communications, the bosses remain happy and have god expectations from the employee.


For instance, take the case of Judy John, whose creative writing skills propelled her to be one of the only creative chief officers in the world.



7. Location is Never a Constraint


This is one of the biggest selling points of a writing career, especially for those interested in travelling.


All one requires for working as a content writer is a laptop/ device and good internet connection.


Like most virtual employees and travel bloggers do, you can work from anywhere. 


Be it a remote village, a bustling cafe, a corner in an upscale mall, an international holiday destination, all you need is good network, and you are good to go.


8. Mastering Writing Skills is Easy


The last and best reason among all, developing writing skills is quite easy. Unlike coding, music or dance, we practice writing from the moment we hold a pencil.


So, even if not a master, you would still know how to write in your native language. 



Another best thing about writing is that it’s a purely personal endeavour. 


Unline spoken communication, where you need at least one person to assess your skills, there is nobody to watch you when you write. You Experiment, make mistakes and improve your writing skills without anyone’s interference.


Here, your personality type, intonation or body language makes no difference.


You can be your own self and write what your heart desires.




I hope you are enough convinced that your dream to earn as a writer don’t need to remain a fantasy.


If people from different fields can make their career in writing, so why can’t you.


If are already a writer and feel that are more perks with being a content writer, feel free to share those with us.