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Digital Marketing is the best career option for MBA graduates, especially for those who specialize in sales and marketing.


The dreams of MBA graduates get shattered when they become a salesperson after years of hard work in school, graduation and then post-graduation. Some accept it as a hard reality of life while others hide their real work profile from their friends and relatives, and keep looking for a ‘better’ opportunity.


It is not that sales jobs are bad. It is one of the most critical positions in any organization. However, the way Indian companies treat their sales professionals (and sales jobs) is not appropriate for many MBA graduates.


Also, the lack of sound technical knowledge poses a real threat to the sales and marketing professionals as they can be easily replaced with newcomers with decent communication skills and confident personality.


Therefore, it is crucial to choose a career that not only helps you land a respectable job but also make you irreplaceable in your organization.


Digital Marketing is one such career opportunity that can accelerate your career growth and boost your income from full-time as well as part-time jobs.


For the uninitiated, digital marketing is a method of promoting products and services using the internet. A majority of the content that you read or videos that you watch online are the results of digital marketing efforts by someone.


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Benefits of learning digital marketing skills


You will be in demand


Digital marketing directly impacts organizations’ revenue. Therefore, every organization invests significantly in digital marketing to grow their business. Thus, you will always have multiple job opportunities in case you decide to switch.


In the time of the pandemic, when a majority of businesses were shut, the digital marketing industry was booming. The global lockdown has also compelled traditional organizations to embrace digital technologies to engage with their clients, vendors and employees. 


Thus, the demand for digital marketing professionals will continue to grow in the future.


Thus, as an expert digital marketer, you will always be in demand.


You will Get a Desk Job


In sales, you meet or call hundreds of prospects and persuade them to pay for your products and services. You invest significant time in follow-up with prospective clients. Plus, you may face massive pressure from the bosses to meet daily/weekly/monthly targets.


Times and efforts wasted in commuting and numerous phone calls negatively affect productivity and mental health of many professionals. Endless traffic jam, extreme weather conditions, and unnecessary paperwork further complicate the situation and lead to mental fatigue.


However, in digital marketing, you just need a laptop and an internet connection. Most of the customers will buy your offerings while you will be sleeping. You don’t have to make a single phone call or send a text message to boost sales (Did you ever make a phone call before buying something from Amazon?).


In HDFC Bank, we sold life insurance policies worth more than 100 crores digitally without making a single cold call. Ask someone about the efforts needed to sell a life insurance policy, and you will better understand the power of digital sales. 


In digital marketing (or digital sales), you will be getting a desk job in an air-conditioned office which enables you to focus on increasing sales and profits. External factors like weather condition and traffic congestion will no longer affect your productivity.


Get Access to Global Market


Using digital marketing tools and techniques, you can sell products in the international market. This expands the pool of potential customers and enables you to discover newer markets. No wonder, many young minds are establishing their ventures and becoming rich by exporting to global markets.


Similarly, as a digital marketing professional, you can directly apply for international job opportunities. 


Whether you want to work remotely from your hometown or want to move to an international destination, digital marketing skills will equip you with all the tools and skills needed to shine everywhere.


Build a Sustainable Passive Income


Warren Buffet said, “Never depend on a single income. Invest in creating a second source.”


Never depend on your salary alone. Invest in your skills and work hard to create a second source of income that adds to your wealth naturally and consistently. 


Digital marketing skills will help you build a sustainable source of passive income along with a full-time job. Many students and working professionals earn anything between INR 50,000 – INR 2,00,000 per month from their side hustle. They do it by writing blogs, reviews, and promoting various products online. When I was doing my MBA in 2009-11, I earned around 20,000-25,000 from a single article. Additionally, I charged small businesses for building their content marketing strategy.


No matter which industry and function you work in, you can monetize that experience if you know how to promote yourself.


Build a Following

Do you have unique talents? Are you known for something in friends and family? Do your classmates and hostel mates admire you for something?


It’s time to encash your strengths and monetize your skills. 


Use various digital marketing tools and techniques to showcase your talent and build a massive following on social media.


Do you want to learn digital marketing but not sure where to start? 


Follow these steps to learn digital marketing and boost your income from your full-time job or create a new part-time income source (or do both).


Steps to Learn Digital Marketing


Follow these steps to learn digital marketing and build a sound career and sustainable source of passive income.


Join a Digital Marketing Course


There are multiple videos and blogs that help you learn digital marketing skills. However, these free online resources neither have structured information nor practical learning aspects. You may waste a lot of time learning something that will never be useful in real life. Thus, consider joining a pocket-friendly digital marketing course and get the expert guidance needed to deliver a result under practical situations.


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Subscribe to YouTube Channel


If you are unable to join a course immediately, then subscribe to our YouTube channel to get useful tips related to digital marketing skills. 


We conduct a weekly free live session on YouTube, where I teach various aspects of blogging and digital marketing. 


YouTube videos may not be adequate in enabling you to earn money; however, it is a good starting point to learn digital marketing skills. After gaining some knowledge, you can make better decisions about your next steps.


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Build a Sustainable Passive Income


Build your website and start working towards building a sustainable passive income in the next one year. Set a reasonable monthly goal for the next 12 months and work on incremental growth.


Here are the steps you need to take to build a second income source:

  1. Build a Website 
  2. Write blogs and promotes various products
  3. Promote your website and grow an audience
  4. Monetize your content

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Learn to Deliver Real Results


Plenty of online articles and videos have loads of useless advice and suggestions on almost every topic. Avoid learning from them. 


Instead, act and deliver real results for yourself and your readers and customers. Keep a razor-sharp focus on delivering tangible results.


For example, if you decide to earn INR 50,000 per month, then start working to make INR 5,000 a month first and then gradually increase your income to INR 50,000 per month in the next 12 months. Don’t search for “get quick rich schemes” as you may end up losing money and peace of mind rather than making money.


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Invest In Personal Branding


Your name carries more importance than you think. A majority of your income will come from people who don’t know you. A recognized name is more trustworthy than unknown names. That is why you pay a premium for a product from a well-known brand.


Thus, recognize your strengths and work to promote them skillfully. Give more and expect less. Help others succeed. Engage with people in healthy conversation and contribute positive vibes to everyone’s life.


The more you will contribute to your community, the more you will grow. Thus, invest in personal branding and reap its benefits in the long run.


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As an MBA graduate, the first thing you should learn is to carve your own path. Once you develop an entrepreneurial zeal, you will succeed in every path you choose. Digital Marketing skill will enable you to develop that entrepreneurial zeal quickly and with ease.

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