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Distance learning for post graduation courses has become a common phenomenon of today. Most of the people are opting for distance learning as they are busy in their routine work. Some may pursue a regular job, some busy in handling their own business or some may even consider pursuing their own interests like photography, painting etc along with continuing their further studies for their own career improvement. If a student wants to pursue distance learning he must not just go on for any random institute, but in fact he should opt for those institutes which are affiliated to provide a genuine degree after completion of the course.


As in today world, a person’s relevant years of job experience matters the most regarding career improvement. From my own perspective, if a person does a full time post graduation course he or she won’t be able to take up a normal job at that stage. He will be able to serve an organization only after completion of the course. Even if he or she tries to pursue post graduation while doing job he or she can take up part time or executive post graduation courses which tend to complete the syllabus at a very short span of time hence leaving the student with a very narrow subject knowledge. For a person who wants to increase his or her years of experience in job as well as pursue post graduate degree from a certified institute, he or she must go for distance education from reputed institutes only.  


Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SDCL) is considered one of the best centres for distance learning and is the most excellent platform for future MBA aspirants. SDCL has campuses in cities like Pune (http://www.scdlpune.com/), Bangalore, Nasik and Noida. This reputed institute was founded in the year 2001. It has presently more than 2,50,000 students spreading over 48 countries around the globe. It has acquired several rankings and awards (http://www.scdl.net/rankings-and-awards.aspx). Careers 360 Rating, ranked SDCL as the top most distance learning institute for students in 2012. It has also won the Maharashtra government’s IT award for development of Human Resource through Distance education.


The working people who tend to pursue MBA for career improvement have chosen this institute for their distance learning program. Several multinationals have their employees pursuing post graduate degrees from this institute. Organizations like IBM, Infosys, Cognizant, Bosch and Vodafone are few amongst many whose employees have taken up SDCL courses as a part of their distance learning. Besides providing distance learning this institute provides several programs for the industry sector like Business Management, International Business, Information Technology, Banking and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Insurance Management, Education Management, Business and Corporate Law and Entrepreneurship Development (http://mba.learnhub.com/lesson/17272-symbiosis-distance-learning-programs).


The aspiring MBA students have several queries regarding their institute, admission fees, procedure of admission etc. Symbiosis is equipped with one of the best contact support for guiding the students and solving their queries. The SDCL’s contact support have experienced and dedicated counsellors who can solve all student queries efficiently (http://symbiosis-mba.learnhub.com/lesson/18041-symbiosis-distance-learning-mba-admission-procedure-2013). There is also an e-communication centre which handles student related queries promptly and effectively.


An article from a report named ‘Disrupting College; How Disruptive Innovation Can Deliver Quality and Affordability to Postsecondary Education’, stated that, “Online learning can enable learning to happen in a variety of contexts, locations, and times; it allows for a transformation of curriculum and learning.” SDCL has taken a step forward by introducing online learning to be a part of its curriculum. It in fact follows a unique delivery approach of their learning materials. Along with providing books it also provides e-learning, recorded DVD lectures and student faculty interaction via online chats and virtual classrooms (http://www.scdl.net/). The online chat platform provided by SDCL is of a great benefit for students as through this platform students can contact the lecturers, interact with them well and clear their doubts immediately. SDCL also provides its students with flexible learning environment. It allows its students to take admission in single courses and accumulate credit to transfer themselves to other progarms in its curriculum in the future (http://www.scdl.net/about-symbiosis-center-for-distance-learning.aspx).


SDCL has a powerful web portal called “Symbiosis World Campus” for its students regarding online assignment submissions, exam booking and e-mentoring (http://login.scdl.net/). This web based platform has proven to be a great benefit for the students who have a busy work schedule at office. Through the process of pre booking of their exams, it enables them to decide the venue and timings for their exams by themselves. This has thus enabled the students who rarely get holidays at office to pursue MBA exams according to their own will.


As stated by Richard Bothel, Dean of Continuing Education and Distance Learning at Troy State University “Faculty are moving forward, technologies are improving, and student demand is increasing, but few changes are taking place in the university structure as a whole to accommodate the special needs of the distance-learning student.” But SDCL has done very differently and has proved that it is not like other institutes in the distance learning field. It has excelled itself in providing all latest facilities to its students in the distance learning field.


Several companies approach SDCL for recruitment drives and the campus placement here is excellent. Campus placement is a very crucial stepping stone and in fact it provides a major breakthrough for all students pursuing post graduation be it distance learning or full time. For career oriented students who are looking for making a successful career in multinationals, they should opt for Symbiosis.