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What to do after BSc in IT?

Career CounselingCategory: Career after Post GraduationWhat to do after BSc in IT?
chandramadhav asked 5 months ago

I completed my BSc in IT and MCA from Distance Education. After that I completed DBA(oracle). But, after 12th, there have been gaps in my academics. Should I continue in the same field or change my career path? Please suggest.. Thanks!

1 Answers
Surbhi Srivastava Staff answered 4 days ago

My suggestion is you stick to the field you have graduated and post graduated in. Also, you have done an additional course related to your academic background. It would be wise to switch you career to another domain only if you have something on mind that interests you a lot and you are sure you will be able to contribute your 100 percent to it. It is best to pursue a career in the field you have gained so much knowledge about. Look for a job and work hard to move high up in the hierarchy. Good luck!