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What is the most important topic for IIT-JAM chemistry?

Career CounselingCategory: Career after GraduationWhat is the most important topic for IIT-JAM chemistry?
Tripti Khandal asked 7 months ago

The important topics for IIT JAM Chemistry 2019 is: –

There is no magic to doing well in Chemistry. It involves discipline, doing problems, focusing on learning concepts, and staying on top of the material.
By following these tips, you’ll have a clear mind and have the best chance of getting an under top 100 in the exam.
Preparation always start with motivating yourself that you can achieve the target, so prepare yourself and build a positive attitude.
Firstly, you should be aware of the complete information related to IIT JAM Chemistry 2019 Exam like paper pattern, marking scheme etc.
After that, being thorough with the syllabus of IIT JAM Chemistry exam is important so that you do not miss any important topics during preparation.
To achieve better results, it is also very important to make a subject wise list of key topics and prioritize them for the preparation.