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What is the best way to start a career in content writing?

Career CounselingCategory: General QuestionsWhat is the best way to start a career in content writing?
Jai Singh asked 5 years ago

I am about to complete my graduation. The field of content writing attracts me but I have no academic background in the same. What course of action can I follow after graduation to pursue a career in content writing?

1 Answers
Surbhi Srivastava Staff answered 5 years ago

Since you have not provided any background on your current course, I will not be able to relate content writing to your academics. But I can tell you how you can develop a career in content writing.
Content writing is, indeed, a rewarding profession offering a good hierarchy in terms of job position. To provide you an overview on how to build a career in this profession, I am sharing some tips:

  • Write a few blogs and post them on websites such as Medium and Tumblr. This way you can develop your portfolio to share with employers when required.
  • You should be well versed with all the genres of writing. There are various institutes which offer content writing courses. The focus of these courses is on developing your writing skills.
  • Once you are confident of your skills, start applying for jobs. Doing is learning and nothing better than a practical experience will help you master content writing.
  • Always remember that grammar and originality are the bases of content writing. You absolutely cannot substitute poor writing for anything else and copying will cost you big time in this profession.

That said, do read a lot and keep practicing.