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Salary of a Clerk after cracking IBPS Clerk exam!!

Career CounselingCategory: Career after GraduationSalary of a Clerk after cracking IBPS Clerk exam!!
Arun khatri asked 7 months ago

Each year thousands of students for the exams conducted for the position of Clerk. The perks and allowance along with a handsome salary are enough to grab the attention of many aspirants. Exams such as IBPS Clerk and other Scheduled banking exams are specially conducted for filling up the position of clerks in all the reputed banks.
The starting salary of a Clerk is between 20-25k per month. This is the salary in cities which has a population more than 45 lakhs. The cities in which the population is below 45 lakh, the salary is a bit lower.
So, as you can see the benefits are huge if you are looking for a career in this sector.
To get more details about all the benefits and allowances in this job, visit the link shared above.