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Fardeen asked 9 months ago

However, some time spending, such as processing fees and prepayment fees can be nominally deducted from attracting previous service taxes. Loans taken from the credit card are charged prior to the interest charged on credit cards; the cost of loans taken from the credit card will be increased.
In the case of credit cards, if you are usually with your payments, the GST regime will not have any impact. No service tax is charged on credit card payments. However, if you have paid too late, the credit card company charges you a certain fee / penalty and service tax.
Such fees will attract 18% tax under the GST, and you can reduce your total credit card fees if you have paid during the date.
Credit cards, in the previous tax rules, charge an annual fee to the credit card user, as well as the service tax and the customer are charged.
If you use your credit card, you have to pay a fee before the GST Suvidha Provider, if you pay it entirely in the billing cycle.
In the case of partial payment, the interest is charged; the service tax is now charged in this inbox and is now the GAD.This is for other charges.
In the current plan the service tax will be charged on the annual fee instead of materials and service tax. You do not have to pay any credit card your credit card bill. There are no such charges in your credit card transactions only if you have received certain things that you can charge as fees, such as annual charges, late payments, payment fees, extra fees for the card issuer to pay for GST.
Credit card payments are not service taxes. It is a small fee to be taxed for annual maintenance and other services.