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last minute IIT Jam preparation

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Khyati Sharma asked 4 months ago

How to prepare for IIT JAM at the last moment?


1 Answers
Surbhi Srivastava Staff answered 1 week ago

To prepare for NEET at the last moments, you first have to gain confidence in yourself. Doubting yourself creates a very negative impact on your preparation. So, stay confidence even if you haven’t prepared that much. Gather your confidence, set a motive and start your preparation. After setting up the mind for the IIT JAM Exam, you must have the right study material with you. I don’t know much about others but I used Eduncle’s study material for IIT JAM.
So, a right material is an important thing. If you have the right study material then you don’t need any coaching and all to clear the IIT JAM Exam. After that practice all the previous year’s questions papers. Take a previous year paper, take IIT JAM answer key along with it and start solving the papers. The more you will solve the paper, the more you will feel confident. So, confidence is the key, my friend. With few months left, I will suggest you practice more and more questions.
All the best!