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i want to know about interior designer

Career CounselingCategory: General Questionsi want to know about interior designer
Anonymous asked 7 years ago
1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi, Interior designing is a rare but very rewarding career option in India. Interior designers basically build, beautify, and renovate living spaces with a focus on space maximization, utility, and cost-effectiveness.
Many recognized institutes across India offer courses in interior designing. These include:

  1. Undergraduate programs such as bachelor degrees in architecture, design, fine arts, and environmental planning.
  2. Various diploma and certificate courses offered by leading polytechnics and institutes – both short and long-term.

Well-known design institutes include School of Interior Design (Ahmedabad), National Institute of Interior & Fashion Technology (Mohali), J.J School of Arts (Mumbai), and more.
There are lots of job prospects for interior designers with architecture companies, builders, hotels, town planners, and government departments. One can even start one’s own consultancy.