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I need career guidance in content writing

Career CounselingCategory: Job EnhancementI need career guidance in content writing
Arjun asked 6 years ago

Hi sir, I am a beginner content writer, 25 years old and working in an IT firm for more than 6 months now in Thrissur district of Kerala, India. Now i have a fear of getting fired from the company because they told I lack skills, I am an MCA Graduate and I have been searching for job for long period of 3 years and currently I am only having skill in this area. I am working in my hometown and not interested in going outside due to family problem. I need to make money to get married soon but cannot find a way. I am good at writing creative blogs, article and wanted to be a news editor. Iam really depressed due to this reason and currently dont have any other skills irrespective of my academics. Can you kindly suggest me the following cases in India: 

1. How can I make more money through only content writing as the career path?
2. In which all directions can I move as a content writer to earn for a living after marriage in India? 
3. Is it better to sit at home and work or is it better to go to corporates?
4. How my future be like as a content writer?
5. Can I start my own business as a content writer. If yes how?  Because I am not that much interested in working under someone because they dont give priority at all.After their needs they will dump us. 
6. How can I improve my content writing skills? 
7. what is the scope of content writing in india?
8. Can you suggest me some of the best freelancing sites whether from outside or inside India for getting value and money? 
9. Can you suggest me the best companies where they value for the effort done?
I would like to talk with you directly or reply me as to my email id arjun.skasc10bca@gmail.com. My mobile number: +917708292517, +918075610525