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I need career guidance in content writing

Career CounselingCategory: Job EnhancementI need career guidance in content writing
Savio asked 5 years ago

I have read the articles on Content Writing (as a career option) on your website and I must admit I did find them very informative, encouraging and motivating. I am with my current employer, an education based company, for the past six years on a full-time basis. Initially recruited as a content writer, over the years I have acted out several roles pertaining to content writing and development. In a nutshell, I have written content for English language skill-development courses, the company website, social marketing, marketing collaterals, developed learning curriculum, lesson plans, evaluation rubrics and so on. Besides, I’ve also edited and proofread content apart from conducting training sessions for developed content.
Right now I’m considering taking up a new challenge in content writing/development and hence, a new employment. It needs to be an enhancement of work and an assured growth path professionally as well as financially. I would really appreciate an expert opinion on the varied paths I could go down and the scope of each.
Hoping to hear from you soon.