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I am confuse about my future.

Career CounselingCategory: General QuestionsI am confuse about my future.
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi, don’t worry – the following advice will help sort your career issues:

  1. ) First, honestly analyze yourself and decide your likes, strengths, capabilities, and talents.  Your career choice should be dependent on this. For example, if you are interested in science, technology, and computing, you should consider doing B.Tech and M.Tech courses for a fulfilling career. Otherwise, if theatre, acting, media etc. interest you, you may opt for a career in films, radio, and television.
  2. ) Consult with people working in the field you are interested in. They will provide valuable study and career inputs.
  3. ) Approach a good career counsellor for expert guidance for specific issues.
  4. ) Be aware of the costs, time involved, and other formalities regarding your chosen career.  

All the best!