How to prepare for NEET 2018?

Career CounselingCategory: General QuestionsHow to prepare for NEET 2018?
Arun khatri asked 5 months ago

Please tell me how should I prepare for NEET 2018.

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Surbhi SrivastavaSurbhi Srivastava Staff answered 1 month ago

When talking about the competitive exams under Medical Field, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test tops the list. Because of the immense career opportunities offered through the NEET exam, it has become the most preferred choice of the aspirants.
Thousands of students appear in this exam and each year the number of students appearing in the exam increases. So, what will you do what others are not doing during their preparations? To have that extra edge over other students, you must have the perfect study plan along with the best NEET 2018 Preparation tips. These tips will help you to cover your course more efficiently. So, let’s start:
1.Make a Practical Timetable
2. Prepare According to the Latest Syllabus
3. Practice Regularly
4. Refer Good Study Material
5. Attempt Full-Length Mock Tests
6. Focus More on Weak Topics
7. Prepare Short Notes for Revision
8. Stay Away from Guesswork
9. Study in Fixed Time Slots
10. Health is Wealth
11. Be Confident and Positive About your Preparation
These are the preparation tips you must follow to make your journey to success easy. 

All the best!