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How can I start my own Business after BCA?

Career CounselingCategory: Career after GraduationHow can I start my own Business after BCA?
aby asked 7 years ago

Sir,  I did BCA and doing job in financial sector as a credit executive. However, I want to do my own business as I m in living in a small city. So I want to know about the course which enables me to do a small business. Please help me and give suggestions about this.

1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 7 years ago

Hello Aby,
You don’t need to do a course to start a small business. You simply need to decide what kind of business you want to do. No course will teach you about “What kind of business you should do”. It completely depends on your interests and strengths. You can learn a programming language like PHP, WordPress etc and start a small IT business in your city. You can develop websites for your clients. Alternatively, you can do any business that interests you.
I suggest you to do following:

  1. Decide what kind of business you want to do?
  2. Look for a client/customers without setting up the business
  3. Try selling your product or services to them
  4. After interaction with 5-10 such clients, you will get an idea of what should you do next.
  5. If you have any query related to license or legal stuff, you can post it here or take help of a qualified Lawyer/CA. Please note that for most of the businesses, you don’t need to have any license to start a business. However for certain businesses like Medical, Healthcare etc, you require a proper license. I can tell more details only after you decide what kind of business you want to do.
  6. Once you have run your business for 5-6 months, you should do a small course to understand how you should take the business further.

Write back to us if you have more queries.