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How can I switch my career to Digital Marketing?

Career CounselingCategory: QuestionsHow can I switch my career to Digital Marketing?
Chandan adhikary asked 5 years ago
1 Answers
Surbhi Srivastava Staff answered 4 years ago

Hello Chandan,
You need to follow the below mentioned steps to build a career in digital marketing:

  • The field of digital marketing is ever evolving. Stay updated with all the changes taking place. Attend events and workshops to gain knowledge of the latest technological advancements in the said category.
  • Make your online presence felt by building your own website. Your potential clients will contact you through the same.¬†
  • You can join certification courses to specialize in various domains of digital marketing, such as, SEO, SMO, Content Writing, etc.
  • Take up freelancing opportunites to gain experience. Also, your work experience should reflect on your website so customers can know what you specialize in.
  • Use social media strategically to boost you career growth in digital marketing.

Good luck!