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Good content writing courses

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Vijay Lakshmi asked 4 months ago

I have just started working as a content writer in an IT company. I am working as a SEO content writer. What diploma course or post graduation degree should I enroll myself in to enhance my career in content writing?

1 Answers
Surbhi Srivastava Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Trust me, getting hands on experience in content writing through a job is the best way to learn. But I would suggest you to enroll in a course so you can learn all the modules of content writing in a systematic manner. There are various institutes that provide short term courses in content writing. These courses provide class room training along with live sessions so that you can get a clear understanding of minutest details.
Education and Career Times offers a comprehensive course on content writing. They provide weekend classes so you do not have to give your job a miss. Their online course would be suitable for you if you want to save time in commuting.