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Digital Marketing after b.tech and 2 years of experience in MNC

Career CounselingCategory: Job EnhancementDigital Marketing after b.tech and 2 years of experience in MNC
Naved Ansari asked 7 years ago

I am currently working in an IT MNC with 2 years of experience. I want to know how Digital Marketing will help me to boost my career. 
Also i would like to know various courses that will enhance my job in areas where i can meet with clients and travel abroad.

1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Naved,
Knowledge of Digital Marketing will not help you in meeting clients and traveling abroad. You should rather go for Business Analyst course or advance course in a programming language (You should choose the language which you are expert in). The possibility of getting onsite opportunities are much more in IT than in digital marketing. However, technical side of digital marketing will give a boost to your career and it can even land you in Google and Microsoft. Learn more about automated tools and applications and technicalities behind that. Future will belong to those who can develop automated softwares that is useful for businesses or individuals.

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