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ANANT asked 7 years ago

              i want to ask that i want to do something creative .i will complete my graduation next year in June and i don’t want to  be part of a life cycle of working hour and hour .i want to do something for a community and sir please guide me.

1 Answers
Shruti Sampath Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Anant, 
It’s good to know that you want to go beyond the conventional 9-5 work space and do something creative. First of all, you need to find out where your creativity lies. If that is, writing, painting, music, acting, or any other creative form. You need to find out what your skill set is. After that, you can look at many Non Profit Organizations and NGO’s that are constantly looking for creative people who can join them and teach the less fortunate children and adults alike. There are many camps that are set up by NGO’s in different cities that you can be part of. But, first you need to find out what it is you are exactly interested to do. 
Do let me know if you need further help.