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Career after B.Com.

Anonymous asked 7 years ago

I passed out b.com last year and working since then.  But I want to study further but unable to decide my Area of interest.my academic scores were consistently poor. I am not interested in the commerce field as my accounts is too weak.  Please suggest me what career should be suitable for me?

1 Answers
Abhishek Ipsum Staff answered 7 years ago

You must first identify what are your areas of interests. It may not be exactly related to commerce but anything that interests you can be considered as a future option. You have already clarified you do not like commercial field so I will not suggest MBA or CA to you. But if you have artistic inclinations, you can pursue a course in design or animation. If you are interested in writing you can look forward to becoming a technical or commercial writer. There are also several career options in BPOs and KPOs.