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Career options after BSc in Physics

Career CounselingCategory: Career after GraduationCareer options after BSc in Physics
Sruti asked 6 years ago

i am a bsc physics student. can you please tell me all possible options after bsc physics.
i am not that good in physics so i wish to change my stream. so please tell me what to do?

1 Answers
Surbhi Srivastava Staff answered 5 years ago

As answer to your first question, mentioned below are the course options after completion of BSc in Physics:

  1. B.Ed
  2. B.Tech Electronics
  3. M. Sc Acoustics
  4. M. Sc Applied Electronics
  5. M. Sc Astronomy
  6. M. Sc Astrophysics
  7. M. Sc Electronics
  8. M. Sc Geophysics
  9. M. Sc Medical Physics
  10. M. Sc Nuclear physics
  11. M. Sc Physics
  12. M. Sc Physics
  13. M. Sc Vacuum Sciences
  14. Master in Atomic and Molecular Physics
  15. Masters Degree Physics
  16. MBA
  17. MCA
  18. PG Diploma in Physics
  19. Postgraduate Certificate and Diplomas Physics
  20. Postgraduate Certificate in Education Physics

You can also pursue Doctorate course in physics, as listed below:

  1. Doctor of Phil Physics
  2. MD Physics
  3. M.Phil Physics
  4. Master of Research in Physics
  5. PhD Physics

As to your second query, it is tough to answer since you have not mentioned your area of interest. Choose an option that is of interest to you and you think you will be able to work hard on.
Good luck!