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Lavanika Roy asked 7 years ago

“I am currently doing my graduation in botany I.e. life science but og late, I have realised that I am not really interested in science. I am more interested in creative ideas basically writing.What career option would be most suitable for me after graduation? “

1 Answers
Shruti Sampath Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Lavanika, 
Glad to know that you have realized your interests and want to take it forward. Creative writing as a field is very vast. There are many writing careers for you to pick from such as, technical writing, freelance writing, blogging, news writing, copy writing, script writing, song writing, and so many more. Here are two web links where you can get the various forms of writing careers: 
Picking one from so many options can be quite a task, and hence  the best way to go forward is to join a writing course. There are many colleges in India that offer courses in creative writing. Once you take up a writing course, you will be made to do all kinds of writing, giving you the opportunity to decide for yourself, what kind of writing suits you best. Here are some of the colleges you can look at applying: 
I hope this information will help you.
All the very best.