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Career in Content Writing

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PRASHANT CHAVAN asked 6 years ago

I have completed a short content writing course.What to do next?

1 Answers
Surbhi Srivastava Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Prashant!
Congratulations! You can now work as a content writer and your certification course will definitely set you apart among others aspiring to be content writers. There are two ways by which you can build a career in content writing. 

  1. You can apply for a job in some organisation. On being hired, you will have to provide them work based on projects. There are various job offering websites that you can look up to find a suitable job.
  2. You can offer you services as a freelance content writer. This way you will have the flexibility to work as per your comfort. You can have as many or as little clients as you wish. 

Good luck!