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Career After Graduation

Anonymous asked 7 years ago

Sir…My name is Shilpa…and i have done my graduation in BA Arts…And now i am very much confused that which type of career i have to choose….
I am very much weak in Maths….So i don’t want to go in that stream which includes maths….
So plz guide me properly
Shilpa  Bhan

1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Shilpa,
I am sorry for replying late to your question.
What is your area of interest?
You should choose your profession based on your interest and not weakness. Depending on your interest you may like to go for Fashion Designing, Graphics and Web Designing (Maths knowledge not required), Digital Marketing, Photography, etc.
There are several other good options. If you can tell me more about your interest and passion I can guide you better.