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Career After Graduation

laila asked 6 years ago

Hi,My name is laila and I am hight school student . I am very confused in choosing my career i like math alot after i studied mechanices I felt that i willnot be good if i took enginering so i started thinking about pharmacy but i know its hard to find a decent job . Also i took in consideration dentistry but i dont know if i like it or not or if i am sutible for helping people .  i really like helping people and like to be reason that they are happy but i dont know what to do.

1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Laila,
If you like Mathematics, continue your education in the same. There are lot of options available for qualified mathematicians. It also opens vast opportunity in the field of futuristics Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Technology, Information Technology, Robotics etc. You can help people by choosing any field. Also Engineering has several disciplines and not only Mechanics. So, if you are interested in Engineering but not in Mechanics than you have several other options such as Electronics and Communication, IT, Computer Science, Electrical, Environmental Engineering etc. Today, Environmental Engineers are highly demanded across globe to increasing environmental concerns and shortage of such professionals.