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career after bachelors in mechanical

Career CounselingCategory: Career after Graduationcareer after bachelors in mechanical
Gaurav S. Bharambe asked 6 years ago

im in a dilemma, what to do after my bachelors in mechanical, should i go for MBA or MS?

1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Gaurav,
You need to decide first, whether you want to remain in technical field or switch to management field.
Both the options are great. You need to work hard to make a mark and earn decent salary in the both the cases, You should choose the future courses based on your interest as both fields are expected to grow in future.
Just remember that you should enrol yourself only in top institutions and not 2nd or 3rd grade institutions to complete your Masters.
Please let us know if you have any specific query.