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Career after B.Pharma?

priti asked 6 years ago

Hii, I am a B.pharm graduate,currently working as Clinical Data manager. I am confused whether to go for MBA or MS? Please help.

1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Priti,
This is the confusion faced by almost all technical graduates. The final answer has to come from you. Whether you want to see yourself in technical domain or want to move to management, sales and marketing.
If you want to remain in technical domain, MS is good. It will be a niche area and you will command a great salary and position with time as there are fewer people who go for M.Pharma or MS in a particular field in Pharmaceuticals.
Most of the MBAs land into a sales and marketing roles. Also, due to intense competition, you need to be passionate about your role to succeed and grow in your career as this world is now full of MBAs.
The final decision should come from your heart and not from an external source.
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