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Tahir Shaikh asked 6 years ago

 civil engineering is my dream n passion .
After 12th i got Admitted into B.E civil regular college but due to various reasons failed in 1st year itself after that for 1 year i didn’t attended exams properly and then when i finally realized to focus on studies tried but unfortunately failed with 5 backs , 1 more subject to clear for eligibility.
Now i have to readmit for 1st year as per the rules of university , which i wont do.
another good option was AMIE which is equivalent to B.E but i m not eligible with almost 1% .
finally i left with the 2 options to pursue my dream
one is regular diploma or else B.Tech ditstance
n at this moment after wasting so much time and money i don’t want to do any regular course n that to which wont consider my 12th so finally i m going to do b.tech distance , i researched a lot about this but mostly found that recruiters dont prefer distance degree holders that too technical one because they wont be having knowledge considering all these in mind
my plan is to take knowledge not just taking degree , doing software courses and practical internships n working with engineers while pursuing my degree.
do i still be not preferable for jobs ? compare to regular degree holders
and Also i have planned to do any 1year regular post graduate diploma course after my degree for enhancement of my career opportunities and growth …. is there a way or not 
advice me ……

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Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Tahir,
For first few years you will face difficulty in getting jobs in good companies due to B.Tech (Correspondence). To overcome this situation you should do following:

  1. After your B.Tech, enrol in a Two years (and not one year), Full-time  Post Graduate Course, preferably from a reputed college.  You can prepare for an entrance exam, if that is required to get into a a good college. After that B.Tech. degree will not become a barrier as you will get a job based on your post graduation degree. One-year post graduate course will not be very useful. So either do a 2-years course or don’t do it at all.
  2. Along with your B.Tech, learn any one programming language or technology. Become expert in any particular technology and try to find an internship (even if it is unpaid) in a start-up or in smaller companies. After that, try to get a full time job in small IT company. This will be really helpful.

Lat but not the least, be positive and stay happy. Don’t worry about the past. The learnings will be helpful for lifetime. And the temporary halt in career will go away in 3-5 years. In the long run, your knowledge, expertise and soft skills will matter more than your degree.
One last suggestion, learn written and spoken English. It will be a game changer for you. I will say just one thing – you will later thank me for this small piece of advice about learning English.
Do write back to me, if you face any further challenges.