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Perfect career opportunities after B.Sc. in Computers

Career CounselingCategory: Career after GraduationPerfect career opportunities after B.Sc. in Computers
bhargavi devarakonda asked 7 years ago

I have completed my B.Sc (Computers). My age is 28 years. But I dont have that much capacity to do work with programming languages like c,c++ etc. I can just work with MS office. What course can I opt for. Which field I can choose to do my work successfully. Please help me.

1 Answers
Saket Kumar Singh Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Bhargavi,
You have several course options that you can do after B.Sc. (Computers). 

  1. Advances Training in MS Office – You can enrol for an Advanced course in MS Office specially in Excel and Power Point. After completion of the course and advanced practical knowledge of MS Excel and Power Point, you can easily get jobs like MIS Executive, Data Science Executive etc. Depending on your knowledge, location and communication skills, you can get a job in the salary range of INR 10,000-20,000 per month. However, over experience and expertise in other related software you can command a handsome salary.
  2. SEO Executive – You can do SEO/Digital Marketing courses. There are plenty of job opportunities available in Digital Marketing field. You may start at comparatively lower salary. However, the opportunities are huge. 
  3. You can learn a designing software like Photoshop, Illustrator etc and enter designing field if it interestes you. 
  4. You can also teach in coaching institutes or open your own coaching institutes. There is a huge demand for Maths teachers. You can find various online teaching opportunities as well that pays well.
  5. If you can work on your English Language a bit, you may find content writing jobs especially in Mathematics fields.

There are more options. Please tell us about your interests, so that we can guide you better about a specific career option.