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Deciding the career largely depends on two factors:

  1. Personal interest ( Hobby, expertise, awareness etc )
  2. Monetary returns in future ( Scope, growth, demand etc )


It is a difficult task to choose the path that preferably acts as a syndicate between ones interest and security of future. It becomes all the more difficult when you have to make this choice at the gentle age of 18! Nevertheless, I personally feel deciding a field is still far more easy as compared to deciding the stream. Once you have filtered down the stream you want to be in post SSC, you have good 2 years to decide where exactly you want to see yourself a few years down the line. Considering that you have already chosen commerce as your main stream of education, let us now try to narrow down the field that you probably should choose to be in..


Commerce is a field that focusses largely on money related specifics. It gives rudimentary training on trade and industry, the flow and circulation of backing (in various forms of financial assistance such as crude money, resources, funds, loans etc) in the market and drills down to industrial and commercial analysis on domestic as well as international levels. As mentioned formerly, commerce has always been customarily related to finance. Since you have chosen to be in it, I presume you see yourself primarily involved in money related matters. However, unlike Science, commerce has a lot of on & off-beat fields.


Decision making


How to decide then? Well let us begin with a small exercise. All you have to do is to chose any 2 out of the below habits/ activities that you are most inclined towards, or that you can relate yourself with:


  1. Make & Break- I always like to break stuffs and then rebuild it. I did it with my toys when I was a kid, I do it now with my laptop & smartphone too..
  2. Finance- I am always browsing new schemes for investing the little money I receive during festivals.
  3. Science & logic- I am always involved in explorations, logical understanding, rationalizing, thinking and have a knack for details & precision.
  4. Social- I love socializing, making contacts, interacting with people, solving their problems and  taking stand on real issues.
  5. Travel- I love to travel and explore new places. When I return home from a trip, all I am thinking of is the next trip venture. I wish I could be in a field where I get to travel extensively and getting paid handsomely for the same would be like “ Cherry on the cake! “


Out of the said regimes, if the two aspirations you decided on were:


  1. Make & Break and Finance- BBA, Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, ICWA, Accountant.
  2. Make & Break and Science & logic- Statistician, ICWA, BCA, Company Secretary, B. Com (Computer).
  3. Make & Break and Social- Diploma in Hotel Management, BBM.
  4. Make & Break and travel- Diploma in Travel & Tourism, Diploma in Air Hostess & Flight Steward.
  5. Finance and Science & logic- Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Accountant, Finance Analyst, Finance Planner, Stock broker.
  6. Finance and Social- Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Finance Consultant, Stock broker, BBA.
  7. Finance and travel- Diploma in Travel & Tourism, Tax Auditor.
  8. Science & logic and social- BBA- LLB, Economist, Portfolio Manager.
  9. Science & logic and travel- Diploma in Air Hostess & Flight Steward, Investment Analyst, Tax Auditor, Finance Consultant.


Off- beat jobs


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a lot of off-beat professions that one can undertake pertaining to the respective area of interest. Few of the many such job careers could be :


  1. Creative Writer
  2. Bar tender
  3. Radio jockey
  4. Video jockey
  5. Image consultant
  6. Game designer
  7. Ethical hacking
  8. Adventure tour operator
  9. Stand- up comedian
  10. Hair stylist
  11. Event management
  12. Fitness trainer
  13. Tea- tester
  14. Wine- tester


I would also request all the potential financers of the country to view enormous options with respect to public service exams.


UPSC in particular ( union public service commission exams ) was and will always be one of the most difficult and respectable exams in the country. One can opt for UPSC to find lucrative career in defence and public services. It conducts various exams like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, NDA, CDS, IES, SCRA and the list continues. There are various state- level government exams as well as bank exams for the ones keen to be a part of the government machinery.


Thus, Commerce graduates can find a respectable employment in the fields of :


  1. Huge business firms
  2. Banks
  3. Private companies
  4. Public Organisations
  5. Small business houses
  6. MNCs
  7. BPOs
  8. KPOs
  9. TNCs
  10. Big business firms
  11. Education
  12. Finance and Leasing
  13. Software industry and so on ..


Another popular employment arena a commerce graduate can accommodate himself is in the field of Insurance and SAP.


One can explore courses and certifications related to :


  1. Debt markets
  2. Equity markets
  3. Marketing
  4. Finance
  5. Human resource
  6. Business & Industrial law
  7. Business mathematics
  8. Business ethics
  9. Management
  10. Operations & Research
  11. International business
  12. Public relations management
  13. Export-Import business
  14. Retail management
  15. Capital markets
  16. Commodities markets
  17. Financial accounting
  18. Cost accounting
  19. Auditing
  20. Taxation
  21. Business Law
  22. Economics
  23. Business communications
  24. Security markets
  25. Investments
  26. Mutual fund
  27. Micro economics
  28. Financial accounts
  29. Taxation
  30. Computer fundamentals
  31. Mathematics
  32. C, C++
  33. System analysis and design
  34. Database management
  35. Visual basic
  36. Oracle
  37. Java
  38. Multimedia
  39. Networking
  40. Web design  
  41. Statistics
  42. Risk management
  43. Communication Skills