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Career counselling has become a must to do situation of today. The young aspirants of today who are on the starting stage of their career are mostly confused about what to opt for as their right career path where they can achieve success. Not only the young aspirants, but in fact nowadays there are middle aged people who think themselves to have chosen the wrong career path because their present career is not proving them to be very successful. Career counselling thus comes to handy for the beginner as well as the experienced. Each person is different. Like a fish cannot climb a tree and a monkey cannot swim, similarly, a student who has the skill set to become a sportsperson cannot take up the job of an aeronautical engineer even if he has done his graduation in that field. Career counselling becomes a must in such cases in order to guide students to choose their correct and suitable career path based on their inherent skills.


There may be several thoughts arising in the minds of persons who are not satisfied with their present job. They may think that they don’t make enough money, their career isn’t challenging enough, their job is too difficult for them or they simply hate their job and have become bored with it. Nowadays, with the advent of modernization and computer technology the numbers of such people have increased rapidly. These days very few people have the time money and energy to consult a career counsellor privately. Instead they prefer consulting them online. Thus online career counselling platform has gained tremendous significance in the present scenario.


Online career counselling relies upon counselling by the counsellors through emails, blogs and online social media like Twitter, Facebook etc. The people who need career counselling can select their own counsellors. They can leave their queries and concerns in the counsellor’s blog, which the counsellor can answer after suitable time. Some counsellors charge a premium amount on counselling or advise which they provide. Online counselling through email has gained much relevance today. There are sites dedicated to career counselling where free aptitude tests are conducted online for the concerned persons. Based on the questions they answer the counsellor can contact them and solve their concerns via email. ECT is one such academy where online career counselling via email and forum is provided . All one needs to do is just mail their concerns to the counsellor and the counsellor will be able to analyse the concerns and solve them accordingly.


In today’s world the numbers of fraud career counsellors have increased. May people who are in need of money disguise themselves as career counsellors. Aspiring students and many other people fall prey to these disguised career counsellors when they contact them in person. Despite the fact that their knowledge about career counselling is nil, they misguide the people who seek their advice into taking admissions in second grade colleges. They even charge a huge amount. It is a known fact that no advice is better than wrong advice. Thus, consulting such fake career counsellors can lead to dooming of a person’s career. It is here online career counselling comes to handy as the online sites are equipped with only genuine career counsellors who are enrolled within these sites after proper verification.


Online career counselling has its own benefit as highly credible counsellors can be accessed despite the differences in geography. Even if the students and their parents are far away from the counsellor geographically, they are bound to get quality advice in their career guidance. These career counselling online sessions can benefit the students provided they take counselling from the counsellors enrolled in reputed and credible online counselling service provider websites only.


Online career counselling has several advantages. It is absolutely free for some sites like ECT with no registration fees. Also online counselling doesn’t require consulting the counsellor on personal basis. As a result, counsellors can be approached regarding a person’s concern 24*7. Taking up the career counselling through online aptitude test does not require a person to travel to another location. All that is required is a computer device at home and internet connection. Thus, online counselling saves time, energy and money required to consult a career counsellor in person. A comprehensive report gets generated after the user takes up the online aptitude test. This report lists the students profile based on his aptitude and personality and provides him recommendations for his future career path.


Through online career counselling the students who wish to contact the career counsellors enrolled within a particular site, they can use phone, skype or web chat to contact them.  ECT online career counselling portal provides the students with a very user friendly interactive dashboard. This dashboard works on the information that the student inputs in it and provides details about the student’s strengths and which career path he should likely opt for in detail.ECT in fact follows a very unique technique of understanding a student’s inherent strength first and mapping them with the student’s personality traits and provide counselling recommendations accordingly. According to them every individual is different has different abilities; they recognize these abilities and provide the right recommendations accordingly.


Nowadays online career counselling has gained huge importance amongst the young aspiring students and their parents. Online counselling helps the confused students choose the right stream pertaining to their career interests. For middle age personalities too who have a considerable amount of work experience and want to change their career paths online career counselling comes to be helpful for them to alter their career path and choose the right one.