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The ease of creating and publishing content online has led to an increased number of content writers today. Blogs, articles, ebooks, whitepapers, etc. are a few examples of what these writers publish every day.


But, for an aspiring writer, the beginning itself gets tricky. They are flooded with numerous questions around their head, including where to start, how to start, what would be the best for him, and so on.


March towards your flourishing career


If you are also puzzled and have the same questions, read ahead to find what you should do:


Publish your content – The biggest mistake which most of the budding writers do is not to publish their content anywhere. There are several reasons for this, including fear of criticism and lack of confidence. Writers need to realize that if they do not publish their content, it will do only wrong to them.


There will be criticism, and it is okay because as a new writer, your priority should be to catch the attention of your readers. They need to know your writing quality and values. Even if someone points out a mistake, you will only learn from it. Hence, publish more and more, become visible to the readers, and let them identify your writing values.


You may start by writing blogs on WordPress, Blogger, Medium, etc.


Always ask for feedback – Not many writers realize that feedback is just as important as the writing process. You should never forget that whatever you write is for the audience. If they are unable to interpret what you want to convey, there is no point in  writing the content. Also, if nowhere feel intrigued, or get informed after reading your content, the writing becomes futile.


This is why it is essential to share your content as much as you can in your circle and ask for feedback from them. After this, it all depends on you whether you want to accept it or not. But at least you will get an idea if you are going in the right track, if not, start working on the same. 


Before sending your content to others, you may yourself evaluate your content through two tools – Hemingway App and Grammarly. To know about this in detail, watch the following youtube video:



Avoid paraphrasing – This is possibly the one mistake that most of the writers make. You need to create your unique value and stop paraphrasing content from other websites. 


Almost 98% of content on the internet is nothing less than trash and is hardly able to attract readers in their entire lifetime. The only reason for this is that these contents are entirely copied from a source and rephrased to avoid plagiarism. Readers feel no connection with such contents and ignore them.


The solution to this is that you need to develop your own writing identity. Search for topics that excite and motivate you, research upon them thoroughly, and finally pour your thoughts into your content. There are chances that readers may disagree with your opinions, but you will end up creating your distinct writing style and value.


Work for clients – This is an exciting step for you to follow if you want to thrive in the long term in content writing. Working for clients helps you in learning something new every day and also in earning at the same time.


As clients pay for your content, the feedback they provide you with would be completely unbiased and objective. You will get to know your mistakes and sharpen your skills.


Also, different clients belong to various industries. Once you start working for multiple clients, you will acquire an understanding of every such industry. Thus, this is also an excellent medium to expand your knowledge.


Get certified – This is something that is not compulsory for you as a writer, but it may help you save your money and time. 


Enrolling yourself in a comprehensive content writing course, learning valuable insights, and then finally obtaining certification could help you acquire your goal much quicker. This certification from a reputed institute would also help you add value to your profile and make your resume credible than before.


So, the decision is yours, but certification helps you achieve what you want faster.


Content writing brings about a new experience day. Every day there is new content for the writers, who use the best of their abilities to finish their projects. Thus, inch closer to your desired content writing career by following the steps mentioned above.