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    Use this thread to share your knowledge regarding Search Engine Optimization or the SEO. Actively participate and share your knowledge. Make sure that you don’t repeat the same thing which is already written by others (however, you can share your own perspective of the same concepts). Also, share the links that you refer to while doing your research related to SEO.

    Let’s make the learning more fun and enjoyable by giving real life examples personal experiences.


    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique used to promote websites. By doing SEO, we aim to increase the number of visitors to a particular website through search engines like Google.

    Example 1:

    Suppose, I have written a new blog “Careers in Content Writing.” The next step is to let the world know about the blog. So, I will share the link to my blog on social media and through email. But that is not enough to bring more views for a long time.

    To ensure more views, I have to do “something” so that my blog appears on top of Google when someone searches for relevant keywords. The ideal goal would be to get my blog on the first page of Google as very few users click on the search results that appear on 2nd pages or beyond.

    That “something” or the set of activities that I will have to do to make my blog post appear on the first page of Google is known as SEO.

    Good Resources:

    aditya jain
    aditya jain

    Imagine, you are a librarian but not a normal one. you are a librarian for every book in the world. people depend on you to find the exact book they need. how do you do it?.

    You need a system, you need to know what is exactly inside every book and how books relate to each other. your system needs to take a lot of information and spit up the best answers for questions. it’s not an easy job.

    search engine like Google is the library for the internet. their system collects information about every page on the web. so people can get what they are looking for.
    every search engine has a secret recipe called an algorithm for turning all that information into useful search results.

    If you own a website, search results matter. when your pages have higher rankings than more people find you. key to a higher ranking is making sure that your website has the ingredient search engine needs for their recipe
    this is called search engine optimization (SEO)

    most of the big ingredients are
    – words matter
    -tittle matters
    -link matters
    -words in links

    Neeva Singh
    Neeva Singh

    SEO is kind of techniques and strategies that may bring your website on the topmost grade. I have just understood the literal meaning of SEO. Also I read about the techniques to drive traffic on website.There are so many techniques mentioned but only few are stored in the memory
    1 Optimize for voice search
    2 Focus on topic clusters instead of key words
    3 Conquer Video with YouTube SEO.
    4 Optimize content to Maximum Shareability.
    5 Write Mini blogposts to You tube description

    Sandra Dsouza
    Sandra Dsouza

    SEO would simply mean techniques to:
    a) help you rank higher on search engines i.e Google Bing Yahoo
    b) have more people see your posts, blogs
    c) grow your business, your income
    The simple SEO tips one can implement to watch your Google traffic climb
    1. Set up your blog’s permalinks correctly .This simple change is a major SEO best practice for your whole site and every post you publish.
    2. Install YOAST optimising software if you’re in WordPress. It is THE go-to plugin for SEO blogs.
    3.Make sure your search engine visibility box is on the right setting. This may be the quickest SEO blog trick.
    4.Consider a keword in your domain name or title of your blog.
    5. Use keywords in your blog’s description or tagline.
    6. Use keywords when you’re setting your categories and menu topics.
    7. Use the footer area of your website for extra SEO optimization.
    8. Make sure your site is mobile responsive.
    9. Your site’s loading speed is a big deal.
    10. Make sure your site has an SSL certificate.
    11. In all of your posts, your About page, Resources page, link to other relevant posts on your site.
    12. Connect your site to Google Analytics.


    Manisha Arora
    Manisha Arora

    Like “being in school is not the same as learning” just creating a website and putting a content is not enough.Till the time you don’t have the right traffic that is the right visitors.A Website without enough visitors is like a dry land.Unproductive and waste. To generate that traffic you have to make sure the Search engines find you. Search engines for example the most dominating search engines are Google,Bing ,and Yahoo.
    The tactics used to come on these search engines is called SEO. In which O stands for optimization. Making something as good as possible.

    Sakshi Pandey
    Sakshi Pandey

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a like a set of Algorithms which lets people know about your creations. In earlier times marketing was more of word of mouth. Today since we are in the digital era, SEO plays a major role in spreading awareness with the use of right keywords, titles and impactful content. It is a marketing technique that helps to promote websites, blogs etc through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Binge. We see content on every site but to make our content unique and friendly to search engines we use this technique.SEO helps us to generate not just quantity but the right quality of traffic. It also guides how to present our content in a way to attracts genuine visitors or buyers.

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