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      Saket Kumar SinghSaket Kumar Singh

      Write your main takeaways from the class “Monetize Your Writing Skills.” Don’t refer to or get influenced by what and how others have written. Rather, recall the concepts discussed in the class and write them in your words. Focus on key concepts or things you learned and how you will implement the same to transform your writing style.


      Don’t use bullet points. Write in paragraph form. Your content should have at least 150 words.


      All the best!

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      Anju BahlAnju Bahl

      Key Takeaways From Class Held On 21st September 2019
      Monetize Your Writing Skills
      Writing is a craft.There are ways of monetizing the writing skills.You can either enter the Corporate World or become a Full Time Blogger.Becoming a Published Author and writing and selling E Books is another option.To a fresher in the field salary offered ranges from INR 15000-300000 per month.The designations can be a copy writer,technical writer,SEO writer and PR executive.You can work as a Ghost Writer,can work as a free lancer or work with some content writing companies.Payment may be done per word or per hour.In this field,practice of Sub-Contracting involving international clients,domestic clients,and free lancers is prevalent.If you opt to work as a free lancer then get registered with Freelancer.com,Guru.com, People Per Hour.com and Upwork.com. Work on a any one platform,build a portfolio,build a profile.Start with 50 paisa per word and after nearly 10 projects,raise the rate to 75 paisa per word for new clients.Never compromise on rate.After gaining experience,and building a strong profile,become premium.Work with a growth mind set.Use Google Adsense and other Ad network judiciously.Build a community of Social Media Audience,E mail list and loyal readers.Write Host Guest Blogs.Follow some successful bloggers like Neil Patel,Derek Halpern,and Siyan Patel etc.Develop your own style of writing.

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      Anju BahlAnju Bahl

      Key Takeaways From Class Held on 5th October ,2019

      Monetize Your Writing Skills

      Becoming a Full Time Blogger is a way of monetizing your writing skills .Some of the sources of revenue are Affiliate Marketing ,Influencer Marketing ,Host Guest Post ,Native Ads and Ad Networks like , Google Adsense , Infolinks ,Media.net ,UcBrowser ,etc..Affiliate Marketing can be done through Click Bank ,Shareasale and Amazon , etc.
      If you want to be in full time blogging , you need to find your niche .Build an audience .Write about the products or services you love or have used .Develop and write a SEO friendly content .Invest money ,time and write viral content.Build a community of Social Media Audience , Email List and Loyal Readers .Be present on social media like Facebook and Twitter .Provide quality content .Don’t get lured by high commission .Avoid posting sponsored articles in the beginning .
      You can write and self publish your E books at economic rate through Kindle Publishing at Amazon .Writing ,designing and formatting lead to publishing and promoting of the E book .Write in MS Word or in Google Doc .Download Kindle Create .Import the written and edited draft into Kindle Create , follow instructions and review your book across various devices .Then publish .
      Formatting and Designing of front and the back page .Kindle Create allows to create .rtf files .To design cover ,take help from free stock covers ,or hire a professional cover designer online from Fiverr.com or Freelancer.com .You can design through Canva too.For publishing at Kindle ,first go to Kindle Direct Publishing via Kdp.amazon.com and create a free author account.Fill in the required details.Upload the .rtf file and then upload the cover image.Set royalty payment from 35-70%.Select your reach and believe that the entire world is your audience.Write in English and use multi lingual characters.The minimum word limit is 1000 words.
      Publishing your E book is an uphill task.Ask your friends to leave reviews.It would boost up sales.Set a reasonable price preferably in dollars.Even without publishing your own work you can promote other’s work too.

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      Anil MehtaAnil Mehta

      Monetize Content Writing
      Key Takeaways from Class 7 held on October 20, 2019.

      Options available for monetizing content writing are:

      · Job at a company – A full-time job can fetch 15-30kpm to start with.
      · Full-time blogger – A full-time blogger either makes a lot of money or fails to make any. Focus on one specialization, such as food, or fashion, or waste management, and so on.
      · SEO Writer – It is not considered a good employee profile.
      · Digital Marketing – Writing skills are essential for a career in digital marketing.
      · Freelance content writer.
      · Become a published author.
      · Write and sell e-books.

      The content writing business is a fragmented one. It is volume-driven. Companies, as well as freelancers, compete for the same projects. Even companies like Infosys, Accenture, and Tech Mahindra write content for clients. Subcontracting is common in this field. Freelancers get paid per word, per page or per hour basis. Some tips were shared for pricing our writing at different stages.

      For freelancing, register on Freelancer.com, upwork.com, guru.com, or peopleperhour.com. To begin with, choose any one platform to work on. Build a freelance profile and portfolio. Learning Digital marketing and WordPress helps. Understanding of technology is essential to be able to write for any level of the audience.

      Visit the site to get an idea about the type of projects available. Prepare your profile to fit in with the project. Select relevant projects to bid.

      For best monetization, avoid being at the bottom of the pyramid. Choose difficult projects which an average writer will avoid. You can capitalize on urgent business with short deadlines. Like any profession, one needs to work at least six to eight hours a day. One needs to spend 40-60% of the time in client acquisition. It takes six to nine months to build a solid client base. Some projects may need collaboration with other freelancers. In such a case, pay subcontracted freelancers only 30-60% of what you get from your client.

      Clients use tools such as “Copyscape” to assess the quality of freelancer’s work for plagiarism, and Grammarly for grammar mistakes.

      For building a solid freelance profile, have a good profile picture. Choose a great headline. Write an excellent profile summary. Have a diverse portfolio. Create a complete profile with an education background and work experience. All assignments done during this course, WordPress blogs, and live projects become part of your profile. You can test your skills and get certified as a freelance writer on Freelancer.com.

      To get clients, mention freelance writing in your Linkedin Profile. Interact with others on Linkedin and comment on their posts. Platforms such as Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Guru.com, Peopleperhour.com, etc. list Content writing projects. Register on these sites and bid for these projects. Decide to work on any one of these platforms and get a good rating. Try to maintain quality and give more value to the client. Guru.com is a good platform for Technical writing projects.

      A good project proposal is brief and precise, less than 100 words. It starts with your credentials. It addresses the tasks mentioned in the project description with relevant examples. The proposal reflects the writer’s confidence. It asks relevant questions and requests a brief discussion.

      The project proposal also mentions Milestones and Payment Schedule. Based on the proposal, the client creates milestones with the platform website. As and when a milestone is reached, the client releases the scheduled payment to the website. Upon request, the website releases the payment to the writer. This is also known as an Escrow payment system.

      Use the website’s Chat Message box for all communications with the client. It keeps the website aware of these communications. This comes in handy in the event of any dispute with the client.

      Academic writing is a good starting point for making money. Business writing and Technical writing are more fulfilling and sustaining. Guru.com is a good platform for Technical writing projects.

      A Full-time blogger earns money through:
      · Affiliate Marketing – by registering as a Business Affiliate, on a seller’s site, such as Amazon, ClickBank, Shareasale, etc.
      · Influencer marketing
      · Host Guest posts.
      · Native ads
      · Ad networks like Google AdSense, Infolinks, Media.net, UC Bowser, etc.
      · Endorsement of products like Grammarly in the blogs. Gets paid on a sale basis, for recommending the product.

      How to go about earning through full-time blogging
      · Choose a niche – for credibility.
      · Build an audience or a loyal community. your loyalty should be more to your own credibility and to your audience or reader.
      · Sell products that you love and not for more commission.
      · Refer only those products you use.
      · Develop content as well as a marketing strategy.
      · Write valuable content. Focus on quality over quantity.
      · Learn the basics of SEO and use them in your writing.
      · Use Google Adsense and other Ad Network judiciously.
      · Have patience. It takes 8-12 months for decent traffic to come one’s way and get converted.
      · Focus on building a community of social media audiences, e-mail lists, and loyal readers.
      · Learn the science & art of Twitter.
      · Build trust with your readers.
      · Integrate Google Analytics and Webmasters tools.
      · Write Host Guest blogs.
      · Avoid posting sponsored articles in the beginning.

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      nilja patelnilja patel

      Monetize writing is all about how can we earn money from writing.There are different types of writing skills and one can make money from it in all aspects but the technics are different from one another.So,we are told about the points and methods in details about the system where and when which writing method works.

      Firstly,we have to understand the entire system.There are several types of writing sales as follows : join the corporate world,sell writing services,be a full time blogger,become a published author,write and sell e-books.Also,we get the idea of subcontracting practices including international client,international agency,indian agency and then freelancer get money by filter amount.There are four class of subcontracting method.

      Secondly,there are rules of effective business writing that we are told in this session and how to imply on it.Moreover,the ghost writing and blog writing get cleared to us.

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      Upasna RaiUpasna Rai

      The takeaway of 11/01/2020 –
      We learned about monetizing writing skills featuring career in corporate world. Working as a full time employee where salary depends upon pedigree, skills, brand name, Niche. The starting point is INR 15,000-30,000 per month, the freshers’ designation for Content writers, Copy writers, Technical writers, SEO writers, PR executive, etc. Functioning for Digital Marketing, Branding, Strategy, Corporate Communication, Business Executive, Business Analyst, etc. The career path is Team leader, manager, AVP, VP, etc.
      Selling writing services:, Business if content writing, working as a Freeman reference or freelance basics. Writing a good proposal, working as a full time.blogger.

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      Anuj kumar SinghAnuj kumar Singh

      After a long break, this is a live class, which I always cherish to attend. Due to Delhi elections and many other reasons we are attending online classes. I always prefer face to face classes instead of online classes, because there are a lot of differences when you face your teacher. His vibrations are not felt in online classes. Some of the personalized tips are also given which can’t be shared on an online platform.
      Saket sir being in this industry for more than a decade has to hand on knowledge on every topic related to content writing. His practical knowledge about the subject is top-notch. Handoff to his skills. Meeting such a teacher is in itself a great opportunity to learn and understand the nuances of the content writing field.
      Today’s class was most important because we all are doing everything to get financial security and freedom in everyday life. Saket Ji started with the industry profile and its capacity to pay. Even a beginner can start with 15k per month. The upper limit for an experienced writer is beyond expectation but can be nominally capped at 5lacs per month. But this range can be broadened if we try our hand on blogging as well.
      He started with a practical lifetime teaching, that you can achieve your goal if you announce it publicly that will force you to achieve your goal in fear of public embarrassment.
      Five things suggested monetizing our skills were that we need to join the corporate world and sell our writing services. We can become a full-time blogger and published author. The last one he suggested is the write and sell e-books.
      He told us how our work is getting paid. We have to decide the rate for our services it can be per hour rate or word rate. We can increase our rate the moment we get twenty positive reviews. But we have to retain our old clients at the same price on which we are selling our content to them before we raised our content price.

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      Nidhi MadanNidhi Madan

      Key takeaway from the class held on 9th Feb, 2020

      Monetizing the writing skills was covered in the class. The trainer introduced various platforms for freelance opportunities and how to bid for a proposal. The class was insightful for me as I am looking to freelance opportunities.

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