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Key Takeaway from Class 9 at ECT

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    Hi All,

    Write the key concepts and lessons you learned in the 9th class at ECT. 3-4 Concepts that you learned in the class. It may also include common content writing myths busted. How you will use it boost your writing style! Limit the content only to key concepts that you learned.

    Sakshi Pandey
    Sakshi Pandey

    Key Takeaways from class 9-

    1. Four ways to monetize our writing skills are- Freelancing, Full-time job, Blogging and Book writing.
    2. Learnt the details of the full-time corporate jobs in the field of content.
    3. How freelancer.com works and details about it.
    4. Different sites to get projects for freelancing(freelancer.com, upwork.com, guru.com and pph.com).
    5. Salary brackets of full time jobs and freelancing rates.
    6. Strategies to be followed to work in the field of content.

    aditya jain
    aditya jain

    -Introduction of platforms on which we can monetize our writing skills.
    -How freelancer.com website work and details about it.
    -When to say “no” to a project.
    -Decide before taking a project that you can do it within dedline period or not.
    -Do not say “no” to a project after accepting it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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