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      Saket Kumar SinghSaket Kumar Singh

      Write your main takeaways from the class “Goal Setting.” Don’t refer to or get influenced by what and how others have written. Rather, recall the concepts discussed in the class and write them in your words. Focus on key concepts or things you learned and how you will implement the same to transform your writing style.


      Don’t use bullet points. Write in paragraph form. Your content should have at least 150 words.


      All the best!

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      Ishan WadhwaIshan Wadhwa

      The first lesson of this content writing course was focused on best practices as a writer. We were taught how confidence is one of the most important tools in the arsenal of a budding writer. The importance of making mistakes in the progression to learning was emphasised. We were also advised to receive feedback with equanimity, no matter the source, and to then evaluate it for acceptance. As long as one doesn’t make the same mistake again, we were told, mistakes are a good way to weed out one’s shortcomings.

      Along with the do’s, we were also given a couple of do not’s to observe during the course and beyond. The major one was obviously the rule against paraphrasing, it being the menial way as compared to the craft of actual research based writing. Obviously under the same rule also came the reminder to not copy, as that is essentially worse. Bullet points were also noted as being a crutch of non-writers. It was interesting to learn that a mere 3 words of copied content is required to mark a piece of content as plagiarised.

      On the practical side of things, we were guided through the creation of our own Medium blogs, Twitter handles, and ECT forum accounts, along with instructions regarding assignments. Next, we selected our topics for self-guided learning throughout the course. We also talked about how learning is crucial for writers, as a well researched piece of content clearly stands out. Flair comes with practice.

      When it was all said and done, I was left pumped to learn more

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      Sanjay SharmaSanjay Sharma

      The Class has always been the store-house of knowledge, for every aspirant. It gives an opportunity to sharpen mental strength and motivate us heading for the goals.

      My learning started since I took zero class in ECT. A bundle of questions began inside me that mounted pressure to gain more clarity about Content Writing. It made night sleepless; to search, read and collect available information. I recited more than 7 different writers’ opinion, views and scope of content writing.

      The day came when I entered class, with a restless mind.
      The trainer started the class with an introduction that was Conglomeration of diverse personality.

      We were taught the rudimentary element for being a Content Writer –Confidence.
      A writer transforms himself into a ghostwriter if he follows some basic elements; avoiding copy-paste quit the habit of paraphrasing, and developed the habit of research as well as reading.

      These habits make a writer –Impeccable in writing.

      We were introduced with features of the Medium platform, ECT Forum, Twitter handle and consequence of Plagiarism. We set a goal for the next week; it was similar to a farmer prepares the soil before seeding.
      Eventually, having attended the class my A bundle of questions turned into clarity would like to say thanks to my Trainer for igniting me on this path.

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      Swati RanjanSwati Ranjan

      It was our first class and we were introduced about the rules we should know about writing, from which we can great our own creation, rather than copying other’s thinking. We were introduced by the word like “plagiarism, paraphrasing” Which is prohibited in our creation. Because it affects aur originality of thoughts, and if by chance we will use this we cannot be a good writer, because then we will ve not loyal to ourself. Because firstly we have to learn without being afraid of making mistakes, mistakes are the pillars in the path of making good content.

      Plagiarism is word which we have introduced it means copying others creation, there is no originality, which very wrong. Paraphrasing means copying others thoughts but not word by word only content, it is also another type of copying. By using this we only will be in loss.

      We have created account in medium blog, ECT forum, and twitter. So that we can share our thoughts creations through these mediums, it was very interesting class in which we have learned many new things.

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      Our first class has introduced us to basic nuances of becoming a good writer. We learnt that believing in what we write and never being afraid of criticism is the most important step to be a writer. It’s ok to make mistakes, but we should not repeat them to get better day by day. After confidence comes next important thing that is technicalities such as we should not use copying or paraphrasing at all. We also get to know the correct method of research and how to avoid getting influenced from other people’s writing style or point of view.

      We also get to know about platforms which can help us with our preparation to be a good writer. We created our account on twitter, medium and ECT forum.
      Finally, we set our first goal for the week and were assigned our first assignment i.e. writing our professional bio. It is going to give us an opportunity to assess ourselves that how well can we present ourselves professionally. We also decided few topics for our research, so we can learn them and while writing can use our own understanding and language rather than getting influenced from others.

      One of the most important things, I learnt in this class is that for being a good writer we should learn the topic first, so that what we write is our thoughts and understanding.
      Thanks to Saket Sir for a wonderful class and a fruitful insight to content writing.

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      Anukriti LalAnukriti Lal

      The Goal setting class enlighten me with many thoughts, starting from being confident as a writer with a strong belief in your words and voice. Followed by writing what you write and avoid paraphrasing or copying from somewhere, which might be beneficial for that time. But when you see in the long run it’ll only degrade you as a writer. I also get to learn about plagiarism in detail including the tools to detect one. The best thing which I like most about the class and my personal favourite takeaway is to read three articles in order to not get influenced by any particular research work in personnel.
      At last, I just want to add, my first class at ECT had given me a direction to some roads in my memory lane which I had never explored as a writer. Due to monotonous work as a content writer sometimes my mind gets trapped in the repetitions of the words and idea but now I can show my thoughts a whole new world.

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      Ashok KumarAshok Kumar

      I missed the class on 6th oct but i have watched entire video about online content course, as the entire class is about 3 hours 28 mins (more than Indian film) , i enjoyed the way trainer explaining about each and everything in a practical method on posting articles through Medium platform. The best part of the class i learned about some of the main principals of creating quality content from four main steps i.e. research it, read it ,learn it and write it. I never feel bore from starting to end during the class. Enjoyed the way trainer interacted with students. I felt little fear about content writing course but after listening class got confidence about me that I can improve and transform with help of sakeet sir. After this class I feel I learn new things about content writing. Moreover i can feel more comfortable and can interact more in class if entire class held without hindhi.

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      Shaily RaiShaily Rai

      When we think about classes, we think of lengthy lectures, answering teacher’s questions, and sleep. More often than not, those teachers fail to connect to the students and vice- versa. Thankfully, this class was far from that. It switched between teaching, discussing and relating the concepts with real- life examples. Just like the course itself, it was creative and that’s my takeaway from this class.

      Getting past the introductions, we were taught about the most important quality that a writer must acquire— Confidence. Confident about what we write. Confident enough to write, knowing you will make mistakes, but still accepting them to improvise your skills. After all, it is practice that makes a man perfect. We were constantly reminded to make our own content, rather than plagiarizing or paraphrasing it. Plagiarism involved copying someone’s content in its entirety, while paraphrasing also meant copying, but in our own words. While plagiarism can be caught using web tools like Copyscape, paraphrasing cannot be detected easily. Regardless, a person will never be a writer if he/ she practices this.

      Afterwards, we were told to put our writings into practice by creating a blog in a website called ‘Medium’. We would write articles on topics of our own. Since the classes will be of eight weeks, there would be eight topics. It was the kind of assignment that would be beneficial for us in the future as writers. After a brief, innovative discussion, we were told to create our twitter handles, followed by forums and assignments for this week.

      Thus, concluded our first class as Goal setting.

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      Veena AroraVeena Arora

      Yesterday was my first class on content writing. I was so excited about that.finally I stepped up towards overcoming my weak area. Soon will be like others and writing emails and responding on social media platforms without any hesitation.

      Yesterday we were taught about power of social media platforms and which one are the key ones. Created account on Twitter . Account opening on Medium yet to be done and it’s already there on Facebook.

      Another important topic was confidence. How it plays important role in anything’s success. If you are confident small mistakes got hidden and nobody pays attention to those.

      Also it is important to publish your content to know feedback and this is greatest tool of bringing improvement in your writing.

      We are asked to go through “introduction to content writing” and few chapters on “grammer part 1” and “Word power made easy”.

      Also we have been asked to summerize learning on ECT platform and that’s wwhat I am doing now.

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      Jhanvi BhayanaJhanvi Bhayana

      Whenever I gave a thought of learning content writing. It always seem so unclear and complicated. But after I had my first Goal Setting session, it gave my confidence a boost. I learned about various lessons which are truly very important for a budding writer. The session was interactive and a proper place for a individual to refine their skills in every possible way.

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      Anuradha LondheAnuradha Londhe

      The main two things which are the key to success are…
      those who want to work and choose something as a career, there is an opportunity for them, if you do it without hesitation and not to be afraid of being ‘Judged’.
      It was zero class which started with a question as could we wish each other good morning even if its an afternoon. I knew it as a teacher, but as it was a revision for me, I became comfortable as I know something.
      After listening to few success stories, I got encouraged to start.A writer transforms into a good writer with confidence and originality.
      Yes I could do it.
      We were introduced with social media features of the Medium ,Twitter, ECT Forum. Its importance was explained.
      After attending the class my questions turned into clarity and I thought I can do it.
      I thank my Trainer Saket for giving me support and ensure me to take a new opportunity.

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      Nilja PatelNilja Patel

      I always wanted to write but sometimes due to social and sometimes due to other things couldn’t be possible to learn. I found ECT advertisement on Facebook and have found the source that will give directions to my thoughts.So after plethora of thoughts in mind finally initiated the CONTENT WRITING COURSE. In the very first session about the introduction, I come to know how to use twitter, medium and wordpress.com. Now i got the little confidence about writing initially via social media.


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      Shweta VermaShweta Verma

      Someone has well said that a sound mind can sound better only if it comes out in proper form. The very first session focused very well on this concept. Willing to write is very different from actually writing well. Also one should try to be and improve in being oneself. I am grateful to Sir for helping us understand that even a branded sword needs to be practiced with daily. Also it helped me developing the confidence within me.
      Thank you.

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      Shweta VermaShweta Verma

      Someone has well said that a sound mind can sound better only if it comes out in proper form. The very first session focused very well on this concept. Willing to write is very different from actually writing well. Also one should try to be and improve in being oneself. I am grateful to Sir for helping us understand that even a branded sword needs to be practiced with daily. Also it helped me developing the confidence within me.
      Thank you.

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      Deepak YadavDeepak Yadav

      In goal setting class we learnt about the scope of content writing, importance of good writting in different aspects other than content creation.
      We learnt about medium, wordpress, Twitter. Though I already know about wordpress and Twitter but haven’t made any account. We did so in our first class,we were also motivated to post something on Twitter.
      We were explained about the course and how can we take maximum advantage of the same, we were taught to have our own saying,opinion an writing style not to copy from anyone else.

      Deepak Yadav

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      Ashish Kumar MishraAshish Kumar Mishra

      Take aways from 1st class
      Introduction of content writing
      Importance of content writing
      Google’s plagiarism policy.
      Future and career opportunities in content writing.
      Medium and WordPress account setup
      Twitter account set up and tweeting gfor the first time.

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