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    Saket Kumar Singh
    Saket Kumar Singh

    Write your main takeaways from the class “Creative Writing (Copywriting).” Don’t refer to or get influenced by what and how others have written. Rather, recall the concepts discussed in the class and write them in your words. Focus on key concepts or things you learned and how you will implement the same to transform your writing style.


    Don’t use bullet points. Write in paragraph form. Your content should have at least 150 words.


    All the best!

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    Anju Bahl
    Anju Bahl

    Key Takeaways From Class dated 25th August 2019

    Topic—-Copywriting/Creative Writing
    Copywriting is an act of writing for marketing or advertising purposes. Whereas Copyrighting is a legal action that protects “intellectual goods”.Fiction is also a part of creative writing.A piece of content that is used in ads is called “copy ”or “ad copy”.Writers who have developed an expertise in copywriting are called copywriters.
    Copywriting engages the readers,builds brands,sells products,and makes a difference.It is defined as strategically delivering words to compel a reader to take predefined action.It is a combination of logic,psychology and creativity.It can include any “creative writing” with a “purpose”.That purpose can be “engaging or hooking”the reader,compelling them to perform an action,sales conversion,spreading awareness or building trust.An average writer writes.A copywriter crafts.
    Buyer’s Journey,Goals and Objectives of Advertising,Crafting of Message for Visibility,Crafting a Message for Sales or Lead Generation.Finally Adapting Your Copy for various digital ads like Google Ads,Facebook,Twitter,Native Ads,Web Content,Landing Page,Newsletter Subscription,Email,Call to Action etc.
    Basics of Advertising followed by Writing of an Ad Copy were also discussed.Crafting the Message is of prime importance.A well crafted copy is always crisp,precise,compelling and interesting,informative and ends up with a call to action.
    A case study of BMW pre owned cars was taken up.AIDA MODEL was taken up.It means Attention,Interest,Desire,Action.Vodafone Zoozoo Campaign was discussed where main objective was on brand building.
    Writing an ad copy depends on the objective,medium and the target audience.If you are writing for visibility your focus should be on the Big Idea.Quick tips to generate ideas involves a study about the competitors,discovering the core of their market strategies.We can take ideas from other ad campaigns,take the opposite view and then short list two- three ideas,then pick up the best one.Then experiment.Crafting a copy for Sales or Lead Generation has a different process.
    An Ad Copy includes a Headline,a Sub Headline,First line,Last line then Call to action.
    Essentials of Headlines and the purpose to create attention grabbing headlines were explained.Use of Thesaurus was recommended for finding synonyms.Writing an Email copy with all the steps involved was discussed.

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    Aarti Mahana
    Aarti Mahana

    Key take aways from the class held on 8th September.Our class started again in with an introduction.In the second class we learnt about how can we make our content to be original. For that purpose we need to follow certain rules.Firstly, Avoid uasage of wordy dsentences,as it makes the meaning tedious. Also, the quality of sentence should be retained.A good writing must be dense and concise.secondly, Awkward sentences makes content boring,so it should be avoided.To ascertain a problem we should read aloud.Than, verbs like is , are, was should be avoided.The verb power enhances its value in a sentence.Afterwards, we learned More emphasis should be made on Active voice than passive voice. Fifthly,Capitilisation of letter with first letter should be there.The us age of simple tense can make content more meaningful than perfect tense.modifiers is a clause, phrase or a word which qualify another word.We learned that users write modifiers incorrectly leading to inappropriate form of sentences.The dangling modifiers is a word, phrase,clause describe something which has been left out with a sentence and Misplaced modifiers pls Ed too far..


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