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      Saket Kumar SinghSaket Kumar Singh

      Write your main takeaways from the class “Basic of Content & Digital Marketing.” Don’t refer to or get influenced by what and how others have written. Rather, recall the concepts discussed in the class and write them in your words. Focus on key concepts or things you learned and how you will implement the same to transform your writing style.


      Don’t use bullet points. Write in paragraph form. Your content should have at least 150 words.


      All the best!

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      Anju BahlAnju Bahl

      Key Takeaways From Class Held On 16th November,2019

      Basics Of Digital And Content Marketing

      Now-a-days Digital Marketing is the most in thing.For selling any goods or services, awareness is created.Either do it in the conventional way or go digital.Advertising plays a big role here.Our ad goals, the budget and the media mix should be very clear.Facebook, Email, Google Ads come under media mix.

      To make your presence felt, you must have a Website or a Facebook Page.You might be there on You Tube, Twitter, Instagram and you must have a Linkedin Profile.This is called Personal Branding.You must have short term and long term goals.Short term goals are action based while long term goals are presence based.

      After promotion comes how to monitor your progress.The tools for monitoring are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.

      Content Marketing involves creating relevant content to reach the potential customers.Keep a Content Calendar and persevere in writing quality content.Regular promotion through social media, subscribers’ lists and personalised emails go a long way.Marketing Automation Tools like Mailchimp, Constantcontact and Infusionsoft are also helpful.

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      Upasna RaiUpasna Rai

      The takeaway of Saturday, 18th January 2029.
      Topic : Digital and Content Marketing

      We learned that marketing is about selling product, visibility, or promoting. It’s a pull factor that attracts customers. Sales is a push factor. Any company gives a combination of marketing and sales.
      Digital marketing comes under marketing which is a pull factor by Google. It’s a demand base, effective, capturing, or growing. We study Digital and content marketing to generate sales and money for promotions. Content writing is a heart of Digital Marketing promoting any product in any services. Digital Media stores the media:
      1. Search engine- google,
      2. Social media- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik too, Instagram, or YouTube.
      3. Pinteres
      4. Email
      5. Affiliate Marketing
      6. Network of websites and mobile apps.

      We learned about promoting where landing pages or promotion of particular URL for digital marketing is done.
      Google- map listing, ads listing, organize listing.
      Page- SEO unpaid listing
      SEO marketing- adds products to be listed on top
      Social Media: Facebook- create pages
      Organic promotion- Facebook pages shares, send to friends, or like.
      Paid or sponsored ads to Facebook.

      Google is a domain base advertising its effective sales pipe lines or location base ads.
      LinkedIn- Business platform.
      Email marketing- ads base collection through email.
      Affiliate marketing- commission based marketing.

      For Google Ads- Google keypad planner.
      Average plant searches
      B2C- Business to Customer.
      Facebook’s ads- create page
      Manage ads
      Click on per crate
      Engagement- sales or sub sale
      Lead generation- sign ups
      Traffic- websites
      Catalogue- learn from Facebook blue print.

      Google Ads comes from Google certifications.
      Tools- Google Analytics to measure traffic.
      Configure- Gmail analytics or tracking codes.

      In the last few minutes, we learned about publishing book on Amazon.
      Earning through Kindle process.
      Download kindle and create account- create your own story, format the book, design back and cover page. Lastly, publish it and share to social media.

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