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Exams period is one of, if not the most dreaded point in time for any student around the world, whether they’re still in elementary school or at the university level. Numerical results are king in these hour-long nightmares, and they often do more harm than good on a student’s overall learning and development process.

Not so with Education & Career Times. Our exam philosophy is simple yet effective: learning and progress take priority over simple numbers and marks. While we strive for excellence and will not settle for less, we make sure to keep the journey with us engaging and productive with no superficial ends to be met.

Overview of Exams and Coursework

The exams offered by ECT span the topics covered by our instructors, namely in the fields of Math, English as a foreign language, and training in communication and soft skills-all the necessary skills to get ahead in today’s increasingly competitive and interconnected job market.

Our exams are tried and tested evaluation methods that have seen use across the globe and are standardized for use here in India, so there is no need to worry about low-quality and untested material being used, or cultural bias having an effect on results.  Complete with experienced personnel and instructors, improvement in any and all of these fields is guaranteed at ECT.

For more information on the courses we offer and their corresponding evaluations, please visit their respective pages.


Exams will be administered in each of these modules over time as specified by the curriculum. As mentioned, our staff is on always on-hand and determined to see our students advance in and strengthen their mathematic, English and communication abilities; scores take a backseat when our students’ careers and futures are on the line.

Results and Grading

Exams will be assessed according to the subject and procedures outlined in the curriculum. As opposed to a traditional educational, school-based framework, exam results will not be distributed in class. Nor will they be provided personally to students through email, personal messages or telephone calls. Instead, results will be posted to this webpage.

As with the admissions page, the results will not be directly posted to this page but users will instead be redirected to PDF files provided through hyperlinks. Students will be notified of results being released and made public via email notifications.

What We Grade On

Like conventional education programs we grade based on the performance demonstrated during exams, but we do not place heavy emphasis on mere numbers alone. Rather, we gauge the individual as a whole in terms of performance and their desired path to success.

We do not present grades in public to shame fellow students, but instead to foster an environment of healthy competition and inspiration for our students at ECT.

But Why Place Grades Here?

This is an interesting question: with all the advances in technology, and the ability to contact our students individually, why post the results of exams on this webpage for everyone to see?

Our answer goes thusly: Even though ECT follows an unconventional approach compared to mainstream educational and technical institutions, we are still an educational institution at heart.

In order to deliver a fully comprehensive educational experience we aim to do so on every level, from the teaching methods we employ down to the overall atmosphere we recreate. By posting exam results to this online board, we create a comfortable and sociable, but competitive environment akin to school, thus preparing our students thoroughly for the long and bumpy hurdle that is today’s ultra-competitive and fast-paced job market, whether here in India or abroad.