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Change is the only constant in this world of flux. Education is no exception to the universal trend of ebb and flow, and without enduring said process we would not have reached where we stand today where teaching methodology and the world as a whole-with its strides in science and technology, business, culture, and arts-are concerned.

At Education and Career Times we don’t fear the coming storm and the flux in tides, trends and opinions-we embrace them. We study each and every perspective and paradigm and put them to the test with our students, and oftentimes the results are resounding successes.

Keeping in the Loop

With much going on in the world-from personal affairs to global politics, business, and social activities-it can be tough to remember that keeping up with education’s developments are just as important as parliamentary elections, or even knowing what tomorrow’s weather is going to be like. Without information one is left clueless, and since knowledge is power, it is best to arm one.

We at ECT like to stay in the loop where all things education are concerned, and so we provide our body-students and educators alike-with this page on education news; from new exams being devised and tested to novel methods being explored, we make sure to bring everything to light and offer everyone involved the chance to experiment with and consider these developments.

Methods to Madness

The first element to education that we-educators and students alike-always take for granted are the teaching methods used to nurture knowledgeable minds. Teaching methods, contrary to popular and instinctive belief, are not uniform systems that elicit the same results across all scenarios, but vary from teacher to teacher and from student to student.

With the shifting trend towards student-centric teaching more and more novel methods are emerging, and these could have significant impact on any variety of teaching methods around, whether traditional or new; in short, all options are somehow connected and must be considered. ECT keeps this philosophy in mind and actively spreads the word on new teaching methods of any nature.

Tests, Tests and More Tests

Of course, no educational setting is complete with its most invaluable-and dreaded feature-examinations. Like teaching methods these are not monotonous procedures that follow a follow a one-size-fits-all framework and vary not only on the subject being taught, but also on a teacher’s philosophy and experience, as well as the students being taught and the predispositions they carry with them.

One of ECT’s strengths is that it offers knowledge willingly and generously to those who seek and need it most. Where testing methods are concerned, the latest and greatest in perspectives and methods are thoroughly explored and discussed, and we do not hold back in sharing knowledge on the best evaluations to help students get ahead.

Workshops and Career Guidance

One very, very important facet of education that many institutions fail to stress on is career guidance. Many students know exactly what they want to do for the future, but those are the lucky ones: depending on their skill and overall experience, many students both young and old find themselves at a fork in the road when deciding on what to do for the rest of their lives.

What’s more, many institutions focus more on providing students with general knowledge, and while this will always come in handy one day or another, soft skills and communication are always critical for long-term success.

In line with our education, we provide news and updates on upcoming workshops, as well as articles on career guidance and how to improve various soft skills.

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