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Both the courses have immense opportunities and therefore very high competition. Both the courses may enable you to see employment opportunities abroad. However you should give preference to your passion and interest as that will be the sole criteria to get you ahead of competition.
You can consider these two options:

  1. Go for MBA only if you are able to secure a seat in a top rated college. It is not advisable to do MBA from an average college.
  2. You can take admission in an MBA course and along with that do a short term course in Ethical Hacking as well. Please note that MBA is a degree while Ethical Hacking is a skill. So you can acquire hacking skills along with any other program. So it will be better that you go for MBA and simultaneously join a short term 6-12 months ethical hacking courses. This way you will have a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management and at the same time a great skill like Ethical Hacking. This should be good enough background for you to join a reputed organization and move abroad.

Please let us know if you have any other queries.