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Can you build muscles or tone your body by gymming once in a week or a month? Will you become a confident driver by rarely driving on the roads? The answer is an unequivocal “No!” You need to make consistent efforts to learn something new or bring any significant change in your life. The same goes for transforming your writing style.


If you want to learn or improve your writing skills, you need to do just one thing.


“Write on a daily basis!”


Of course, it is easier said than done to take time out of a hectic schedule to do something new on a daily basis. But let me assure you that it is not the “time” that breaks the consistency. Instead, it is the lack of motivation, fear of making mistakes, and inability to focus that prevent you from utilizing your time properly and learn a new skill.


The following tips will help you get rid of these human weaknesses and develop a habit of writing something on a daily basis:


Start Small but be Consistent


Don’t set an ambitious target in the beginning. In fact, for the first 21 days, don’t set any targets in terms of word count. Write at least one paragraph on a topic of your choice on a daily basis. Aim to achieve consistency and not the volume.


If you face difficulty in choosing a right topic, try any of the following hacks:


Hack 1 – Join Twitter to discover the latest happenings around you and the world. Choose a topic related to any of the top trends of the day. You can also tweet at least once in a day on trending topics to polish your writing skills.


Hack 2 – You will get excellent ideas from your status updates of your colleague and relevant industry news. Write your opinion about the interesting events and news in your industry.


Hack 3 – Quora is the best place to find out the challenges faced by netizens. Do a keyword research and find out questions on topics that interest you. Use your experience and expertise to answer a relevant question on Quora.


These tips will help you not only in selecting a topic but improving writing skills and boosting your online visibility. Moreover, these activities can be done while sitting in the cab, traveling in bus or metro, waiting in a queue or even while attending a boring office meeting.


Use Grammarly


Fear of making embarrassing mistakes may prevent you from realizing your potential. To overcome this, write simple and short sentences and run your content through Grammarly before posting it online. Use this tool for writing better tweets and comments as well. Many of us make errors in subject-verb agreement and prepositions. Such tools are highly useful in handling these errors and make your writing look good enough to be posted in public.


Use Tomato Timer to Stay Focused


Keep your mobile phones on silent mode, close all the browsers, and focus on writing continuously for 15 minutes in a day. Use Tomato Timer to set the alarm (using phone alarm might distract you). Doing it first thing in the morning will motivate you to concentrate on the regular job throughout the day. Sparing 15 minutes every day for a month will do wonders in boosting your writing style.


You don’t have to do everything mentioned above to inculcate a habit of writing. You simply need to pick up any one activity based on your convenience and keep doing it until habit of writing becomes your second nature. Once that happens, you will see a significant improvement in your writing style in almost 90 days from the time of starting the activity.