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Digital Marketing Course with a Paid Internship Opportunity

Digital Marketing Course Fee - INR 21,186 + GST (18%) = INR 24,999


Attend a Free Demo Class

Paid Internship

Work on International Projects

Stipend Starting at INR 5k+ per month

Flexibility to Work from Home

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    Get Trained by the CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency

    Saket Kumar Singh

    Saket Kumar Singh

    Founder & CEO, SixPL


    Saket is the Founder and CEO of SixPL, a leading digital marketing company in India. He has generated a revenue of more than $60m through innovative digital and content marketing initiatives for 1000+ clients across the globe. His clientele includes leading names such as Tech Mahindra, NIIT Technologies, Oyo Rooms, Exide Life Insurance, etc.

    Saket began his entrepreneurial journey as a freelance writer. He has worked as a ghostwriter for top CEOs of India. His articles have been published in several international publications such as Forbes, HuffPost, etc.

    Saket holds an MBA from FORE School of Management and B.Tech. (ECE) from GGS IP University, Delhi. 

    ECT is Recognized by the Government of India

    (ECT is a fully owned brand of Digitalimpulse Online Private Limited)
    Content Writing Course Government Recognized

    Digital Marketing Course Modules

    Government Institute for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

    Are you looking for a government institute for digital marketing course in Delhi? Your search ends here. ECT is recognized by the government of India as a startup. Have a look at our course modules to know what all you will earn at ECT.

    Module 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing
      1. What is marketing
      2. What is Digital Marketing
      3. Why Digital Marketing 
      4. The Best Way to  Learn Digital Marketing
      5. How to Take Maximum Advantage of The Course
    Module 2: Key Terms Used in Digital Marketing
      1. Purchase Journey 
      2. Reach
      3. Awareness
      4. Consideration
      5. Target Audience
      6. Subscribers or Followers
      7. Marketing Budget
      8. Return on Investment
      9. Cost Per Conversion
      10. Website 
      11. Landing Pages
      12. Call-to-Action
      13. Blog
      14. UI & UX
      15. Impressions
      16. Clicks
      17. Conversion Rate
      18. Traffic
      19. Organic vs Paid Traffic
      20. Hyperlink
      21. Redirection
      22. Business-to-Business (B2B)
      23. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
    Module 3: Website Design & Development
      1. World’s First Website
      2. What is a Website
      3. Domain Name
      4. URL
      5. Navigation Menu
      6. Website Content
      7. Feature Image
      8. Blog
      9. Landing Pages
      10. Web hosting
      11. HTML Introduction
      12. CSS Introduction
    Module 4: WordPress Development
      1. WordPress.com vs WordPress.org
      2. What is WordPress
      3. Dashboard
      4. Posts
      5. Pages 
      6. Media
      7. Media
      9. Appearance
      10. WordPress Themes – Free vs Paid Themes
      11. WordPress Plugins – Important Plugins
      12. WordPress Customization
    Module 5: Creative Design
      1. Introduction to Creative Designing for Digital Marketing
      2. Image Size
      3. Aspect Ratio
      4. Image vs. Text Ratio
      5. Creative Designing Tool
      6. Image Optimization
      7. Social Media Creative Design
      8. Ads Creative Design
      9. Image Design for SEO
    Module 6: Content Development
      1. Generating Content Ideas
      2. How to write headlines
      3. Effective Content Writing Process
      4. Prewriting
      5. Drafting
      6. Editing & Proofreading
      7. Content Creation Tools
    Module 7: Keyword Research & Analysis
      1. What is keyword research
      2. How to do keyword research for your business
      3. Keyword research tools
      4. How to find competition’s keywords
      5. Purchase intent keywords
    Module 8: Search Engine Optimization
      1. What is a Search Engine
      2. Various Search Engines
      3. What is SEO
      4. Various types of SEO
      5. The main goals and objectives of SEO
      6. On-Page SEO
        1. Domain Optimization
        2. Content Optimization
        3. Image Tag (Alt Tag) Optimization
        4. Site Structure
        5. URL Optimization
        6. Robot.txt
        7. XML & HTML Sitemap 
        8. Website loading
        9. Schema
        10. Latent Semantic Indexing
      7. Off-Page SEO
        1. What is Off-page SEO
        2. The goals and objectives of off-page SEO
        3. Type of Linking
        4. Internal vs External Linking
        5. Backlinks
        6. White-hat vs Black hat SEO
        7. Anchor Text
        8. Inbound and Outbound links
        9. SEO and Link building Techniques
        10. Social Bookmarking
        11. Article Submission
        12. Blog commenting
        13. Press Release Submission
        14. Video Submission
        15. PDF Submission
        16. Profile building
        17. Directory Submission
        18. Forum Posting
        19. RSS Submission
        20. Image Submission
        21. Guest Posting
        22. Classified Submission
        23. Reference Submission
        24. Effective backlink building techniques
        25. 5 steps process to reach to the top of SEO
        26. Domain Authority & Page Authority
        27. Domain & URL Rating
        28. SEO Tools – Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic SEO
    Module 9: eCommerce SEO
      1. How Ecommerce SEO is different from Normal SEO
      2. Keyword analysis for products
      3. Optimizing product descriptions
      4. How to index products in Search engines
      5. How to increase high-quality backlinks
      6. How to find purchase intent keywords for your products
      7. Shopping Campaigns
    Module 10: Local SEO
      1. What is Local SEO
      2. How Local SEO is different from normal SEO
      3. What is Google My Business
      4. How to create a Google My Business Account
      5. How to Optimize Google My Business Account
      6. How to improve citations for GMB Profile
    Module 11: Technical SEO
      1. How to improve website loading speed
      2. Clean HTML for better SEO
      3. Writing compelling content for keyword map
      4. Improving Conversion and on-page signals
      5. Top SEO Signals
      6. Internal Page linking
      7. Google Algorithm Updates
      8. How to Appear in Featured Snippet
      9. How to Appear in Google Answer boxes
      10. Generating SEO Reports
    Module 12: Google Webmasters/Search Console
      1. How to use Google Webmaster/Search Console
      2. URL Inspection
      3. Search Results
      4. How to Appear in Google Discover
      5. Search Console Coverage
      6. Adding Sitemap to Google Webmaster
      7. Core Web vitals
      8. Mobile Usability
      9. Frequently Asked Questions in Search Appearances
      10. Job postings
      11. Logos
      12. Sitelink Search Boxes
      13. Links
      14. How to master new Google Search Console
    Module 13: Google Analytics
      1. What is Google Analytics
      2. How to add Google Analytics in a website
      3. Introduction to Google Analytics
      4. Bounce Rates
      5. Session vs. Users in Google Analytics
      6. Google Analytics Account Structure
      7. Users Permissions in Google Analytics
      8. How to set up views in Google Analytics
      9. How to Set up a Filter in Google Analytics
      10. Understanding Real-time user reports in Google Analytics
      11. How to Use Acquisition Reports in Google Analytics 
      12. How to Use Behaviour Reports in Google Analytics to Improve Site Content
      13. How to Use Conversion Reports to Boost Conversion
      14. How to Use Admin Section to Manage Large & Complex Google Analytics Accounts
      15. Understanding Full Google Analytics Reports
      16. Report Visualization
      17. How to Share Google Analytics Report
      18. How to Set up Dashboard and Shortcuts
      19. How to use UTM Parameters to Measure effectiveness of Digital Marketing Campaigns
    Module 14: Google Ads
      1. What is Google Ads
      2. How to set up Google Ads Account
      3. Hot to generate Ad Coupons for your new Ad Account
      4. Different Type of Google Ads Campaign
      5. What is a Campaign
      6. Setting the right goal for Google Ads
      7. Understanding Ad Groups
      8. Campaign vs Ads
      9. How to Analyze and select keywords for Google Ads Campaign
      10. Dynamic Search Ads
      11. Dynamic Keywords Insertion
      12. Keywords Match Types: Broach match, phrase match, broad modified match, exact match
      13. Ad Extensions
      14. Bid Adjustment
      15. Controlling fraud clicks
      16. Bid Simulator
      17. Keyword Planner
      18. Performance Planner
      19. Search Audience
      20. Writing Ad Copy
    Module 15: Display Advertising
      1. When to use display advertising?
      2. Different Type of Google Display Audiences
      3. How to create display ads
      4. Smart vs Standard Display Campaigns
      5. Automated Bidding
      6. Automated Targeting
      7. Automated Creative
      8. Demographics Targeting
      9. Affinity Audiences
      10. Custom Affinity Audiences
      11. In-Market Audiences
      12. Custom Intent Audiences
      13. Similar Audiences
      14. Standard Remarketing vs Dynamic Remarketing
      15. Responsive Display Ads
    Module 16: Shopping Ads
      1. What are Shopping Ads
      2. How to sale product through Shopping Ads
      3. What is Google Merchant Centre
      4. How to use Google Merchant Center
      5. How to Upload Products (including all the details and images) in Google Merchant Center
      6. Linking Google Ads and GMC 
      7. The Best Practices to Drives Sales through Shopping Ads
    Module 17: Video Ads
      1. What  is video marketing
      2. When to use Video Marketing
      3. Different Types of Video Ads
      4. Bumper Ads
      5. TrueView for Reach
      6. Non-skippable Ads
      7. Outstream Video Ads
      8. Video Masthead
      9. TrueView In-stream
      10. TrueView Discovery
      11. TrueView for Action
      12. Video Viewability on Partner Ads
      13. YouTube for Action
    Module 18: Mobile App Marketing
      1. What is Mobile App Marketing
      2. How to promote mobile apps
      3. How to increase download of mobile apps
      4. How to minimize target cost per download
      5. Optimize the mobile app for search engines
      6. Boosting download through Facebook Advertising
      7. How to create effective ads
      8. What are Mobile app Ads Asset
      9. The best way to design Ads Asset
      10. How to write effective ad content for mobile app marketing
    Module 19: Social Media Optimization
      1. What is social media optimization
      2. Social media strategy
      3. How to choose right social media network for your business
      4. How to do precise targeting on social media
      5. Learn social selling
      6. Use the right social media features to boost business
      7. Grow followers on social media
      8. Secret of viral content
      9. Organic vs paid campaign on social media
      10. How to drive engagement on social media
      11. Social media tools
      12. Social media listening tools
    Module 20: Facebook Marketing
      1. Facebook individual profile
      2. Facebook Business Pages
      3. Facebook community pages
      4. Facebook Groups
      5. Facebook Ads
      6. Facebook Business Manager
      7. How to set up Facebook Business Page in the right way
      8. Profile and Cover Picture
      9. Using Facebook Page templates
      10. Facebook Paid Ads
      11. Facebook Targeting
      12. Facebook Lead Generation Ads
      13. How to set goal for Facebook Advertising 
      14. Facebook Ads Placement
      15. Creative and video design for Facebook Ads
      16. Facebook Leads forms
      17. Facebook Pixels
      18. Facebook Analytics
      19. How to Generate ROI using Facebook Advertising Campaign
      20. Facebook Messenger
    Module 21: Instagram Marketing
      1. How to set up Instagram Business account
      2. The art of selling on Instagram
      3. IGTV
      4. Instagram Ads
      5. Instagram Influencer Marketing
      6. Audience Targeting on Instagram
      7. Generating Leads from Instagram
      8. Driving sales through Instagram Stories Ads
    Module 22: YouTube Marketing
      1. What is YouTube Marketing
      2. How to create a YouTube channel
      3. How to create or grow a business on YouTube
      4. How to Develop a Video
      5. Best Practices related Uploading Videos on YouTube Channel
      6. Optimizing YouTube videos for better search visibility
      7. YouTube Video Title tag and Meta Description 
      8. YouTube tags Optimization
      9. YouTube Cards and End Screen
      10. YouTube Analytics
      11. Strategies to Qualify for YouTube Partner Program
      12. How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos
      13. How to generate leads leads or sales from YouTube
      14. Linking YouTube channel with Google Ads
      15. YouTube Playlists
      16. YouTube Marketing Tools
    Module 23: LinkedIn Marketing
      1. LinkedIn Profile vs LinkedIn Company Page
      2. Best Practices in Creating LinkedIn Profile
      3. How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn Groups
      4. Social Selling through LinkedIn
      5. Acquiring followers on LinkedIn
      6. How to make your content viral on LinkedIn
      7. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
      8. LinkedIn Premium Options
      9. LinkedIn Advertising Solutions
      10. Generating Leads on LinkedIn
      11. LinkedIn Events
      12. LinkedIn Audiences
      13. Precise Targeting on LinkedIn
      14. How to generate generate B2B leads on LinkedIn
      15. LinkedIn Marketing Tools
    Module 24: Twitter Marketing
      1. What is Twitter Marketing
      2. How to Set up a Twitter Account
      3. How to write viral tweets
      4. How to build followers on Twitter
      5. Twitter Contests
      6. Twitter Ad Account
      7. Twitter Audiences
      8. Driving sales through Twitter
      9. Connecting with Thought leaders on Twitter
      10. Twitter Growth hacking tools
    Module 25: Pinterest Marketing
      1. What is Pinterest Marketing
      2. When to use Pinterest Marketing
      3. Promoted Pins
      4. Which products to promote on Pinterest
      5. How to take advantage of Pinterest in SEO
    Module 26: Email Marketing
      1. What is Email Marketing
      2. How to Get Started with Email Marketing
      3. How to choose the right email marketing software
      4. Self-hosted vs SaaS Email Marketing Software
      5. How to grow email marketing list
      6. How to use HTML Tags to send customized emails
      7. Domain and Email Verification
      8. SPF, DKIM, and Reverse DNS Set up and verification
      9. Working with Email Templates
      10. Integrating List Building Tools on the Website
      11. Email marketing automation
      12. Writing email copy that converts
      13. Aweber
      14. MailChimp
      15. GetResponse
      16. Email marketing statistics
      17. Dedicated IP in Email Marketing
      18. Lead Generation strategies in Email Marketing
      19. Newsletter Designing
    Module 27: Affiliate Marketing
      1. What is affiliate marketing
      2. Glossary of affiliate marketing terms
      3. What you need to get started with affiliate marketing
      4. Features to look for in an affiliate program
      5. How to select the best affiliate products for your blog
      6. Top Affiliate networks/marketplaces
      7. The art of promoting an affiliate product on your blog
      8. How Google treats affiliate links for search engine ranking
      9. How to start increasing affiliate sales
      10. How to start using ShareaSale Affiliate Marketplace and Make Money
      11. How to use Amazon affiliate program
      12. How to use Gen.us to make more money from affiliate marketing from Amazon
      13. Affiliate or Adsense which is better
      14. CPA vs. Affiliate marketing 
      15. Best recurring affiliate marketing programs
    Module 28: Quora Marketing
      1. Basics of Quora platform
      2. What is Quora Marketing
      3. Getting started with Quora
      4. Quora Ads
      5. How to increase Quora followers
      6. The best way to write Quora Answers
      7. How to generate leads through Quora
    Module 29: Google AdSense
      1. What is Google AdSense
      2. How to Get started with Google AdSense
      3. How to Make Your Website Compliant with Google AdSense
      4. How to optimize Google AdSense Ads to maximize your income
      5. Best Strategies to increase revenue from Google AdSense
    Module 30: Content Marketing
      1. What is Content Marketing
      2. How to Excel in Content Marketing
      3. Understanding Pain Points
      4. Offering Solutions through Your Blog
      5. Selecting the right blog titles
      6. Deciding right lead magnets
      7. Using various lead generation tools to capture leads
      8. How to excel in Content Marketing
    Module 31: Digital Marketing Tools
      1. SEO Tools
      2. SMO Tools
      3. Google Ads Tools
      4. Email Marketing Tools
      5. Keyword Tools
      6. Project Management Tools
      7. Affiliate Marketing Tools
    Module 32: Monetize Your Digital Marketing Skills
      1. How to land the best full-time digital marketing job
      2. How to earn money as a freelancer
      3. How to get more high-paying client
      4. How to get international clients
      5. Supercharge your affiliate marketing in 2021
      6. How to start a digital marketing agency
      7. How to sell digital products
      8. How to start your blog and become successful

    Become a Digital Marketing Expert in 3 Steps!

    LEVEL 1

    Digital Marketing Beginner

    It is a new beginning. Learn all the basic concepts of digital marketing. Get started to stay ahead.

    LEVEL 2

    Digital Marketing Professional

    Be a pro digital marketer. Handle digital marketing projects with confidence. Be a certified Digital Marketing Specialist. 

    LEVEL 3

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Be among the top 1% digital marketing professionals. Learn the most advanced concepts of Digital Marketing.

    A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned


    Most Affordable Digital Marketing Course in the Industry

    Our digital marketing course doesn’t cost you a bomb. And it shouldn’t. Why to pay for something you will never use? Many digital marketing training institutes charge a hefty price for unnecessary stuff like, digital marketing tools, extra training hours, useless specializations, etc. While these accessories make the course look attractive, the unusually high costs hardly add any value to you. 


    Invest your hard earned money wisely.


    Join the most Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course

    Start from scratch and become a master in the field of digital marketing. Learn new concepts, apply them on real projects and learn from the campaign performance and feedback from your mentor. Whether you are a working professional or a fresh graduate, our comprehensive digital marketing course ensures after completion of course, you can handle all types of projects.

    Level 1 – Digital Marketing Beginner

    It is a new beginning! Get started to stay ahead!

    Introduction to Digital Marketing

    Creating a Free Blog/Website

    Google My Business - Google Maps Listing

    Fundamentals of Content Marketing

    Key Terms used in Digital Marketing

    Fundamental Concepts of Blogging

    Social Media Marketing for Beginners

    E-Commerce Marketing for Beginners

    Basics of a Website

    Basics of Search Engine Optimization

    Graphic Designing for Digital Marketing

    Basics of Affiliate Marketing

    Basics of Email Marketing

    Getting Started with Google Ads

    Basics of Google Analytics

    Basics of Google Webmasters/Search Console

    Level 2 – Digital Marketing Professional

    The Journey of your success is half completed! It is time to push past your limits to achieve your goals

    Website Designing & Development in WordPress

    Amazon Trained E-Commerce Specialist

    Digital Copywriting

    Shopping Ads

    Facebook Advertising

    Pinterest Marketing

    Online Reputation Management

    Advanced Search Engine Optimization

    Advanced Content Marketing

    Mobile Web Marketing

    Display Advertising

    Twitter Advertising

    Quora Marketing

    Advanced Inbound Marketing

    Advance Concepts of Google Ads

    Advance Concepts of Social Media Marketing

    Video Marketing

    Bing Ads

    LinkedIn Advertising

    YouTube Optimization

    Advanced Affiliate Marketing

    Domain Management, Web Hosting, and Server Configurations

    E-Commerce Marketing

    Advanced Email Marketing

    TikTok Ads

    Instagram Marketing

    Professional Blogging

    Level 3 – Digital Marketing Expert

    Congratulations! You are now among the top 10% digital marketers across the globe. Let’s aim to be in the top 1%.

    Remarketing Campaigns

    Advance Concept of Social Analytics Tools

    Influencer Marketing

    Media Buying & Planning

    How to Get Digital Marketing Jobs

    Advanced Google Analytics

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Creating Viral Campaigns

    Marketing Strategy

    Advanced Web Analytics

    Monetize Your Digital Marketing Skills

    Inbound Marketing

    Marketing Automation

    Advanced Search Console/Google Webmasters Tool

    Lead Generation

    Growth Hacking

    Digital Marketing Tools

    Digital Marketing Course Fee – INR 21,185 + GST (18%) = INR 24,999

    Our Courses

    Whether you want to learn a specific module or the everything in digital marketing, we have got you covered.

    Choose the best suitable course for you

    Advance Digital Marketing Course

    Most comprehensive digital marketing course in the industry. It covers everything that you need to become an expert digital marketer.

    Advance SEO Course

    Start from scratch and learn the most advanced concepts of SEO. The course encompasses everything needed to rank a website on top of search engines.

    Advance SMO Course

    Learn the secret of developing and engaging millions of followers on various social media platforms. Become next generation social media expert.

    Advance Google Ads Course

    Become a Google Certified Digital Marketing Experts. Learn the nuances of Google Ads and deliver maximum ROI on digital marketing ad spends.

    Advance Email Marketing Course

    Become a Hubspot certified Email Marketing Expert and build direct relationships with millions of users.

    Advance Affiliate Marketing Course

    Learn to build a promising online business from scratch and generate a strong passive income stream through affiliate marketing.

    Make Money while You Sleep

    Sell your ideas, products, & services to a global audience. Start with zero investment and generate huge wealth through affiliate and digital marketing techniques. Work from the comfort of your home and at a place & time of your choice to earn more than INR 5 lakh per month. Our special module on “Monetize Your Digital Marketing Skills’ reveals on how to choose a niche and build an immensely profitable online business. The module discusses the lesser known ways to build multiple passive income streams along with a full-time job. 


    Now is the best time to start making money!


      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Is there any government institute for digital marketing course in Delhi?

      If you are looking for a government institute for digital marketing course in Delhi then join ECT. ECT is recognized by the Government of India and it offers the best digital marketing course in India. Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course is the most comprehensive in the industry and offers 15 certifications and 32 modules. Also, you will get trained by the best trainer in the industry and work on live projects.

      So, if you are searching for digital marketing course government institute go ahead and join ECT Digital Marketing Course.

      What is the Duration of Digital Marketing Course?

      The Duration of Digital Marketing Course in 4.5 months that includes 3 months of classroom training and 1.5 months of internship.

      What are the fees for Digital Marketing Course?

      Our Digital marketing Course fee is INR 30,000 that includes 18% GST.

      Which is the best Digital Marketing Course in Connaught Place?

      There are many digital marketing institutes in Connaught Place, Delhi. However, after comparing all the parameters, we can easily say that ECT is the best digital marketing institute in Connaught Place. There are many reasons that make ECT the best digital marketing institute in CP. The first and most important reason is ECT is recognized by the government of India. No other digital marketing training institute is recognized by the government of India. Therefore digital marketing certification course from ECT carries weightage like a government digital marketing course. 

      ECT Advanced Digital Marketing Course helps you get better jobs and fetch a higher salary package. A typical digital marketing course will cover, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (PPC), social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization (SMO), affiliate marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc. ECT Digital Marketing Course is the best in the industry that offers 20 certifications, 60 Modules, Paid Internship, Govt Scholarship, and 100% placement assistance to its students.

      Does Digital Marketing need coding?

      No. Digital marketing doesn’t need coding skills. You have enough tools at your disposal that you can use to achieve your marketing goals and grow your business. Also, almost all the tools in digital marketing are out of box which means you can use it without spending time in learning them.

      Digital marketing course by Government of India

      If you are looking for digital marketing course by government of India, then consider joining the ECT Advanced Digital Marketing Course. ECT is recognized by the government of India and offers 15 certifications and 32 modules. ECT Institute has the best trainers in India. They have hands-on experience in running digital marketing campaigns for large corporates. 

      Headquartered in Connaught Pkace, Delhi, ECT Digital Marketing Course is available through online as well as offline mode. Attend a Free Demo Class to better understand the prospects of Digital Marketing.

      Is Digital Marketing easy?

      Digital marketing is easy to learn but difficult to implement and deliver results due to intense competition. You need exposure to practical challenges to understand businesses’ expectations from their marketing team. You also need to invest time and stay updated on the latest developments as the digital marketing industry evolves at a fast pace. It is recommended that you spend 50% of your time learning the concepts of digital marketing while remaining 50% in working to deliver results for your business or for your clients.

      Is Digital Marketing a Tough Job?

      Digital marketing is a creative job. In the beginning of your career, you will find everything repetitive and sometimes it becomes overwhelming. However, once you grow in the field, you will face immense challenges in delivering results due to ever decreasing attention span of the internet users and high competition. If you can find a way to deliver the results despite these challenges, then you will shine in the digital marketing field and digital marketing will be an easy job for you.

      Is Digital Marketing Well Paid?

      Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing offer highly paid jobs in digital marketing. The salary for freshers starts from INR 15,000-INR 30,000. Experienced professionals command a salary of more than INR 1,00,000 per month.

      What is the Salary of a Digital Marketing Manager?

      The salary of digital marketing managers vary from INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000 per month depending on the employer and skills & expertise of digital marketing manager.