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What’s the difference between Content Writing & Content Marketing?




Just going by the terms, it should be clear that the former has to do with “Writing” whereas the latter has to do with “Marketing.”


In Content Writing, you write content to inform, express, entertain or persuade your readers. 


Once the content is written, you publish it and all the work’s done.


However,  Marketing means Promoting a Business. 


So, in Content Marketing, your actual work starts after you have written the content.


Once the piece of content is written, you implement marketing strategies to promote it for attracting customers. It means that content marketing is an indirect way of promoting your business.



To put simply,


Content Writing =  Writing a Piece of Content. 


Content Marketing = Writing a piece of content and Promoting it to generate more business. 



What Comprises Content Writing?



Those who are new to our blogs, check out the first five videos and blogs for The Logophile’s Lounge. You will get a deep understanding of what all content writing entails.


Here’s the complete list for your Convenience



For those who are already aware of the intricacies of content writing, let’s take a deep dive into the content marketing process.


What Comprises Content Marketing?


The following image shows a typical content marketing  process:



Every time you launch a new product or service, you can repeat the same process. If you sell it to new customers, you would have to again analyze their pain points and find what interests them.


However, if you sell your new products or services to your existing customers, you can find a new angle to address their pain points and modify your existing content marketing strategy.


Knowledge Morsel: This process of selling new products to existing customers is known as cross-selling or upselling.



Content Writing v/s Content Marketing



On analyzing the content marketing process, it can be understood that only the first two steps involve writing.



Real Content Marketing starts from the third step, where knowledge of search engine optimisation and social media promotion becomes important. 


Since here our goal becomes promoting our offerings in the best possible manner, you would need an excellent understanding of copywriting and digital marketing tools to succeed. 


Each has Its Own KPIs



In content writing, your performance will be judged based on the number of words and pages you have written and your ability to write error and plagiarism free content.



On the contrary, content marketers will have to work on increasing their leads, the page views, email subscribers, organic ranking, etc.


That means every metric that indicates a potential to increase the revenue falls under the ambit of content marketing.



A Tough and Time-Consuming Process



It must be clear by now that a content marketer needs to have a sound knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing in addition to excellent writing skills.



Most of the businesses prefer content marketers over writers since they can take care of the entire marketing cycle.  Because a blog or an article is of no use if nobody is reading that. Since content marketers need to know and do much more than content writers, it can become tedious and time-consuming if everything is done manually. 


If you are a blogger or a  solopreneur working on your business alone, you may not get enough customers to sustain your business if marketing is done manually.


Therefore, to reduce your workload, marketing automation tools act as a must-have resource that can help you scale your efforts and achieve better ROI.


How ECT Helps?



Are you aware that 95% of the content published on the internet is never read by anyone?


The reason is pretty simple.


Even writers capable of crafting high-quality content don’t have the knowledge of content marketing tools. So, even if it’s a well-written blog, nobody would read it if it’s not promoted well.


That is where ECT comes into the picture. 


At ECT, our trainers guide you to not only become a skilled Content Writerbut also an excellent Content Marketer. 


As you can check out in our content writing course, we cover all types of writing skills and relevant digital marketing skills to grow as a content marketer.




To know in detail what all we teach in content marketing, visit our website or get in touch with our counsellors.


Is there anything else that a content writer needs to evolve into a content marketer.


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