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    ECT is Recognized by the Government of India

    (ECT is a fully owned brand of Digitalimpulse Online Private Limited)
    Content Writing Course Government Recognized

    Get Certified by a Government Recognised Institute

    Our Content Writing Courses

    Foundation Course in Content Writing

    • Course Fee (Inclusive GST) – INR 25,000
    • Weekdays Course Duration – 2.5 Months
    • Weekends Course Duration – 3 Months
    • Guaranteed Paid Freelance Projects – 1 Project
    • Unpaid Internship – 1 Months


    Advanced Course in Content Writing

    • Course Fee (Inclusive GST) – INR 65,000
    • Weekdays Course Duration – 6 Months
    • Weekends Course Duration – 7 Months
    • Guaranteed Paid Freelance Projects – 2 Project
    • Unpaid Internship – 2 Months
    • No. of Specializations – 3

    Diploma Programme in Content Writing

    • Course Fee (Inclusive GST) – INR 1,25,000
    • Weekdays Course Duration – 9 Months
    • Weekends Course Duration – 11 Months
    • Guaranteed Paid Freelance Projects – 3 Project
    • Paid Internship – 3 Months
    • No. of Specializations – 6
    • Job Guarantee – Yes

    Become a Certified Content Writer in 5 Easy Steps

    Enrol in the Course

    Attend Classes

    Complete Assignments & Internship

    Master Specialization

    content writing course

    Become a Certified Writer

    Check What our Participants Say About the Best Content Writing Course in India

    • Joining the ECT Content Writing Course was one of the best decisions,l have taken.It has been an enriching and insightful experience.Special thanks to our trainer Saket Sir.His sessions are very engaging & interactive Thank you once again 😊

      naseem nikhat Avatar naseem nikhat
      January 18, 2024

      All the experts are great with learning

      Puja Avatar Puja
      January 18, 2024

      It was a wonderful experience wherin i could get an exposure on writing content for various websites.

      Rachaita Mukherjee Avatar Rachaita Mukherjee
      December 1, 2023

      The ECT digital marketing course was an invaluable experience. I learned essential skills that have significantly boosted my career. Saket sir's teaching was exceptional; his expertise and guidance were instrumental in my learning journey. The flexibility of the course allowed me to balance my work and studies seamlessly. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to excel in digital marketing.

      fazal karim Avatar fazal karim
      December 1, 2023

      Very beautifully crafted course. Saket Sir, explained every step of content writing in very simple manner so that even a layman can understand it. Highly recommendable course for individuals who want to make career in content writing.

      Ajit Upadhyay Avatar Ajit Upadhyay
      December 1, 2023

      This online course introduced me to the world of content writing as I know it. The sessions provided by Saket sir taught me many valued principles. They became a part of me through assignments and live projects. Thanks to Saket sir and E.C.T.

      Prasanth K. Jose Avatar Prasanth K. Jose
      November 1, 2023
    • One of the best institutes for content writing &digital marketing.

      Nitin Sharma Avatar Nitin Sharma
      October 1, 2023

      In my academic and professional career ECT (Advanced Content Writing) has enhanced my work . It was a great experience and learnt a lot. I am thankful to Saket Sir and his team as well. With regards , Rasheeda Akhtar (Dr)

      Rasheeda Akhtar Avatar Rasheeda Akhtar
      October 1, 2023

      Quality of education is commendable. I really appreciate the way of delivering knowledge, and doubt clearing of saket sir. Best platform for content writing course.

      Komal Singh Avatar Komal Singh
      September 1, 2023

      Amazing experience of learning with you sir..... thanks for your kind support.....

      Deepika Bhardwaj Avatar Deepika Bhardwaj
      September 1, 2023

      It is the best content writing course available online. Saket sir is knowledgeable, experienced and extremely helpful. The teaching curriculum is extensive, practical and full of little tips that strengthened my writing style. I still use his writing tips to tighten my written work. He gave me the confidence to get back to writing and re-enter the job market at age 50! Also I thoroughly enjoyed the literary classes - in which we discussed books and writing styles of our favourite authors.

      Prativa Vaidya Bhalla Avatar Prativa Vaidya Bhalla
      September 1, 2023

      I suffer from a serious medical handicap and couldn't complete the course conventionally; In spite of this the instructors and staff were flexible and helped me bring things to a positive closure; I would especially like to commend Ms Binish Sania for having gone beyond her mandate to help me; without her patient mentoring I couldn't have brought things to fruition; I wish ECT helps many many more students to graduate from this stellar course;

      Tilak Srinivasan Avatar Tilak Srinivasan
      September 1, 2023
    • The best school for learning content writing skills .Saket Sir is the best .He always take care each and every student properly.His mentorship is awesome.

      Neha Sharma Avatar Neha Sharma
      September 1, 2023

      Hi All, I am very happy to be a part of ECT training. I have never seen such a wonderful writing course with such a minimum of fees. Saket Sir who is the Trainer as well as the Founder of ECT, has a deep knowledge and passion for teaching. He teaches us to create an inner passion for writing within us. He is so dedicated to his work and training. Learned a lot from this training and also would like to attend if there are any similar and advanced training available in ECT. I have completed my 3 months course by completing 6 assignments and 6 live projects. I am happy that I have also received the certificate today, which is adding a landmark in my Content Writing career. I will always be grateful to Saket Sir and his entire ECT Team for the knowledge they gave me during this training tenure. I strongly recommend this training for Content Writers. Must go through...! Thanks and regards - Bhagwan Mirajkar - Content Writer - Technical Writer

      Bhagwan Mirajkar Avatar Bhagwan Mirajkar
      August 1, 2023

      Good and informative course that helped me understand the different facets of content writing. Saket's weekly online classes were very interactive and insightful.

      Govind Joglekar Avatar Govind Joglekar
      August 1, 2023

      The “digital marketing course” is packed with lot of tools & techniques on SEO. It also gives a 360 degree exposure to Digital Marketing & Social Media. Hands on experience is given importance & this helps a lot. Internships give a real world experience of handling requirement of different type of global clients. Saket Kr Singh is an excellent teacher & mentor. Staff @ ECT are efficient & courteous. Best part is once you are with ECT, the association is of lifetime support! Overall a must try course, considering its reasonable pricing.

      Sushil Chandra Mannagudda Avatar Sushil Chandra Mannagudda
      July 1, 2023

      They share a great learning experience

      Manveen Mehdiratta Avatar Manveen Mehdiratta
      July 1, 2023

      I found this course very helpful in shaping my career. They covered all types of content writing in this course and provided appropriate guidance for projects. As it is a government-recognized institution I strongly recommend it to everyone.

      Kameswari Samudrala Avatar Kameswari Samudrala
      July 1, 2023
    • Saket Sir is an expert Coach for aspiring writers of Content and Digital Marketing. Both the courses are aimed at making the learners excel in their chosen field of writing. If it is technical writing the Research skills of the student has to be fine tuned. The classes do exactly that by revealing the universal and time tested concepts followed by first grade technical writers Copy writing has a Success formula, Fiction writing has a winning model we can emulate to see our stories getting public acclaim. ECT does a wonderful.Coaching service in bringing out and giving direction to our latent skills. Online classes look live.They are interactive sessions.We see our fellow students from all walls of woth the goal of improvising their writing and digital marketing skills ECT teaches us fully, in a step by step fashion how we can educate ourselves and show uniqueness.That is how we get to strategise and carve out a niche for ourselves. At any age , with any kind of subject knowledge we will.find our own relevance in the digital world. ECT courses enabled me to explore and expand into a digital world that was quite baffling for me half a year back, since I am a senior citizen. I discovered my niche, my relevance. By ECT and its wonderful team. You are sure to find yours. With ECT. Don't delay. Enroll Today. Your have here an unparelled Coach and Collaborator in Digital learning and Content Writing.

      Rama Lakshmi Avatar Rama Lakshmi
      June 1, 2023

      It was a greating learning experience from ECT Institute. Saket Sir and the faculties are very cooperative in providing good training and placement assistance. They are available anytime to give me advices and every help regrading the course completion and in case of job.!! Happy to be a part of the course!

      Sreenandan U Avatar Sreenandan U
      June 1, 2023

      It was a great chance to explore my self. ECT traineres helped me personaly to improve my skills.

      Maria Vila Avatar Maria Vila
      June 1, 2023

      As a writing enthusiast I would highly recommend this course to content writers and to those willing to give their writing skills a try. It was an enriching experience. Thank you Saket Sir and Team for your dedication and commitment.

      Shanthi lorna Albuquerque Avatar Shanthi lorna Albuquerque
      June 1, 2023

      Great learning experience at ECT under the guidance of Saket Sir. The team is very courteous and supportive.

      Yogita Khedekar Avatar Yogita Khedekar
      June 1, 2023

      Best online course for content writing. Saket sir was really helpful throughout the time.

      Ritika Rai Avatar Ritika Rai
      June 1, 2023
    • The course was amazing...they way sir conducts the class is very interesting and all the topics are well explained with practical writing experience too.

      Poorvi Kandoi Avatar Poorvi Kandoi
      May 1, 2023

      Saket sir is an excellent teacher. I learnt so much , he makes complex topics interesting and easy. The guidence and the information he provided me was really helpful. He holds a very polite and humble behaviour. I had a great experience with him.

      Chanchala Mandal Avatar Chanchala Mandal
      May 1, 2023

      The Advanced Writing Course is very well curated, starting from basics of writing to advanced levels. Saket Sir guides and teaches with immense patience. He is always available to help his students and the staff too is very helpful. It was a pleasure being a part of ECT!!

      Roopali Kaushik Avatar Roopali Kaushik
      May 1, 2023

      My ECT experience was like growing a new backbone for my profession. They are reliable, patient and they are very trustworthy. They have never turned me down whenever I have asked them for help. Their most important feature is that they provide support at all levels: from grassroots to the sky. I'm very grateful to the entire ECT team. Thank you so much.

      Akanksha Baliarsing Avatar Akanksha Baliarsing
      May 1, 2023

      The decision to join the Content Writing Course was among the best I have ever made. The course allowed me to explore various writing styles and polish my skills. And the support offered to me, especially while working on the live projects, is worth mentioning. I recommend this course to anyone looking forward to polishing their writing skills.

      Aswathi Satish Avatar Aswathi Satish
      May 1, 2023

      At ECT , under the guidance of Saket Sir I learnt the skill of writing content with new techniques and methods which will help me to write blogs, articles , etc and publish them online which is the demand of today's time. The training was quite helpful to me and I can confidently write blogs now. All my queries were patiently answered. The assignments and live projects further helped me to improve my writing and correct the mistakes I made. The training team was extremely helpful and gave me timely help whenever I had any doubts. For anyone who wants to pursue content writing as their career, ECT is the right place to approach to train oneself to write effectively. I thank Saket Sir , Binish and Luxmi Ma'am for their support and guidance.

      zoom off with suchan Malik Avatar zoom off with suchan Malik
      April 1, 2023

    Get Trained by the Leader

    Saket Kumar Singh

    Saket Kumar Singh

    Founder & CEO, SixPL

    Saket is the Founder and CEO of SixPL, a leading digital marketing company in India. He has generated a revenue of more than $60m through innovative digital and content marketing initiatives for 1000+ clients across the globe. His clientele includes leading names such as Tech Mahindra, NIIT Technologies, Oyo Rooms, Exide Life Insurance, etc.

    Saket began his entrepreneurial journey as a freelance writer. He has worked as a ghostwriter for top CEOs of India. His articles have been published in several international publications such as Forbes, HuffPost, etc.

    Saket holds an MBA from FORE School of Management and B.Tech. (ECE) from GGS IP University, Delhi. 

    ECT Content Writing Course 2024 Foundation Course Modules

    Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing
    1. How to take maximum advantage of the course
    2. Learn to Submit Assignments
    3. Learn Google Drive
    4. Content Writing Basic
    5. Effective Content Writing Process
    6. Prewriting
    7. Drafting
    8. Sentence Construction
    9. Paragraph Building
    10. Revising
    11. Editing & Proofreading
    12. Publishing
    Module 2: Boost Your Vocabulary
    1. Tips to Build your Vocabulary
    2. Usage of Words
    3. Understanding Technical Terms in a Particular Domain
    4. Using Thesaurus
    5. Reading List
    6. Google tools
    Module 3: Avoid Common Grammar Errors in Your Writing
    • Sentence Construction
    • Subjects Verb Agreement
    • Fragments
    • Run-on Sentences
    • Punctuations
    • Wordy Sentences
    • Sentence Variety
    • Awkward Sentences
    • Verb Power
    • Shift-in-time
    • Pronoun Problems
    • Capitalization
    • Parallel Structure
    • Modifiers
    Module 4: Learn Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques
    1. Grammarly
    2. Copyscape
    3. Ginger
    4. Hemingway App
    5. Internet Research Skills
    6. Writing Hacks
    Module 5: Hone Your Creative Non-fiction Writing Skills
    1. Introduction to Digital Advertising
    2. Copywriting basic
    3. Web Content Writing
    4. Writing compelling Ad Copy/Headlines/Subtitles
    5. Writing impressive introductory lines/conclusions
    6. Writing impressive Sales Proposal/Marketing content
    7. Blogging skills
    8. Persuasive writing style
    9. Idea Generation Tools
    10. Social Media/Viral Content Development
    11. Writing effective email/newsletter/Google Ads/Facebook Ad/Landing Pages Content
    Module 6: Learn Fiction Writing: Master the art of Storytelling
    1. Flash Fiction
    2. Short Stories
    3. Novellas
    4. Novels
    5. Theme
    6. Plot
    7. Character
    8. Setting
    9. Point of View
    10. Style
    Module 7: Master Business Writing Skills
    1. How Business Writing is Different
    2. Different types of Business Communication
    3. Usage of Relevant Facts and Statistics in Business Writing
    4. Mastering Various Business Domains
    5. SEO Writing
    6. Usage of Business Jargons
    7. Business Plan
    8. White Papers
    9. Press Releases
    10. eBooks/Case Study/Magazine/Newsletter Content Development
    11. Ghostwriting
    Module 8: Learn Technical Writing
    • How Technical Content is Different
    • Technical Writing Style 
    • User Manual Writing
    • Writing technical blogs  and content
    • Approach to Technical Writing for non-technical graduates 
    • Technical Guides
    Module 9: Hone Your Academic Writing Skills
    1. Mastering the art of Academic Writing
    2. Referencing Styles – APA, Harvard, MLA, IEEE, Chicago, etc.
    3. Coursework, Study Material, Curriculum, & eLearning Content Development
    4. Essay Writing
    5. Dissertation Writing
    6. Research Proposal
    7. Thesis Writing
    8. Argumentative Essay
    9. Biographies
    10. Capstone Project
    11. Book/Movie Review
    12. Academic/Business Report
    13. Critique Writing
    14. International Baccalaureate
    Module 10: Learn to Write Specific Pieces of Content
    1. Resume Writing
    2. SOP for University/Visa Application
    3. Personal Statement
    4. Cover Letter
    5. LinkedIn Profile
    6. Application Writing
    Module 11: Master Content Marketing

    Basics of Content Marketing
    Creating Evergreen Content
    Developing Content Strategy
    Generating Leads through Content Marketing
    Content Distribution and Promotional Strategy
    Guest Posting
    Learning Basic Internet tools such as

    Google Analytics
    Google Keyword Research Tools
    Google Drive
    Content Promotion Tools
    How to apply for a Content Marketing Job?
    Cracking Interviews

    Module 12: Monetize Your Writing Skills
    1. Developing a strong freelance profile & Portfolio
    2. Client Acquisition Strategy
    3. Bidding on Freelance marketplaces such as Freelancer, UpWork, Guru, PeoplePerHour, etc.
    4. How to Decide your freelancing rates
    5. How to write faster without compromising quality
    6. How to Become a Published Author
    7. How to publish and sell your eBook
    8. How to Become a successful Blogger 
    9. Affiliate Marketing and Ad Network Basics
    Module 13: Publish Your Book
    1. Drafting a Book
    2. Cover Page/Back Page Design
    3. Formatting for Print/Mobile/Desktop/Tablet
    4. Self-publishing
    5. Approaching a Publisher
    6. Setting Your Royalty Payment
    7. Promoting Your Book

      Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career

      Are you struggling to find clients or charge a premium for your quality writing services? Our special module “Monetizing your writing skills” reveals the secrets of high earning freelancers and provides hacks to boost your freelance income. Be your own boss, work at a place and time of your choice and earn more than INR 2 lakh per month.  

      Become a Published Author

      Share your story with more confidence

      Do you have a story but don’t know where to start? Our content writing course enables you to start your book from scratch and publish it quickly. We help you with all the tools you need to become the next bestseller author? Take your first step towards becoming a proud author.

      Move up the Corporate Ladder 

      Accelerate Your Career Path

      Learn to write clear emails, effective sales proposals, and outstanding presentations. No matter what you do, excellent writing skills will make you dependable and go-to person for all creative tasks. Sharpen your writing skills and accelerate your career path now.

      Grow Your Business

      Promote Your Business through Content Marketing

      Learn the nuances of content marketing and promote your business in the most cost effective way. Write content that converts and expand your reach to people who are genuinely interested in buying your offerings. Learn how to hire smart professionals and grow your business organically.

      Watch a Sample Training Video!

      Transform your writing style through a learning loop of enjoyable classes, thought-provoking assignments, personalized feedback sessions and live projects. The blend of online and offline class environment facilitates peer-to-peer learning which enables our participants from different parts of the world to share their experiences and learn from each other.

        Why Join ECT Content Writing Course?

        Our Content Writing Course is the most comprehensive course in the industry. After completion of the content writing certification training program, you will build a sound vocabulary, improve your grammar and learn all types of writing styles. We also offer placement assistance and work from home job opportunities to all our training participants.

        What will You Get?

        15 key benefits of ECT Content Writing Course

        1Goal Setting Exercise to help you set and accomplish writing goals
        2Earn internationally recognized certificate from Government recognized training institute
        33-11 Months Training Program
        432-120 Hours of Classroom Sessions, 50 Hours of eLearning material, and 60 hours of Video lectures
        58-32 Thought Provoking Writing Assignments
        63 Months Paid Internship
        7Join a distinguished network of 50,000+ writers and marketers
        8Opportunity to acquire clients from US, UK, Australia and other countries
        9Learn to develop your own blog/website
        10Be a professional content marketer
        11Personal feedback to every training participant
        12Develop an ability to write content on most complex topic
        13Develop sound vocabulary and language skills and transform your writing style
        14Learn Graphic designing and video editing skills
        15Get One-to-one mentorship by the top ghostwriter of India

        Classroom and Online Content Writing Training Options

        Join Offline Content Writer Course in Delhi

        Unleash your inner writer and transform your writing skills with our  professional Content Writing Course. Get a chance to learn different writing styles, work on live projects and get trained by the CEO of a top digital marketing agency. Enrol into our content writing course bundled with exciting freelancing opportunities and advanced certification today!

        Attend Online Live Training from Anywhere

        Let the location not be an obstacle to your career path! No matter where you are, hone your writing skills with our professional Online Content Writing Course. Get a chance to learn different writing styles, work on live projects and get trained by CEO of a top digital marketing agency.  Enroll to our online content writing course bundled with exciting freelancing opportunities and advanced certification today!

        Transform Your Writing Style in 90 Days!

        Start from Scratch and Publish Your Work with Confidence


        Share your thoughts with the world. Express yourself and publish your work with confidence. Our content writer course is designed to make you an accomplished writer.


        Join ECT Content Writing Training Program and double your income potential. Learn all types of writing style and build a fantastic writing portfolio.


        Get in touch with for a free counselling session.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What is the Content Writing Course Fee?

          Content Writing Course fees are given below:

          Basic Content Writing Course Fee – INR 25,000
          Advannced Content Writing Course Fee – INR 65,000
          Diploma Programme in Content Writing – INR 1,25,000

          What is the Duration Of Content Writing Course?

          3-11 Months. 

          Find below the duration of content writing courses (weekend batch):


          Foundation Course – 3 Months

          Advanced Course – 7 Months

          Diploma Course – 11 Months


          Can I complete the course in One Month?

          One month is not adequate to learn a skill like content writing. You need to learn various concepts of grammar used in writing as well as different types of writing style. Moreover, it is crucial to work on real-world content writing projects to get practical exposure. Thus, we recommend that you invest adequate time and efforts to master content writing skills.

          What is a Live Project?

          Live project is a kind of guided internship opportunity. You will work on real content writing projects from real clients. Working on live projects help you understand the market realities. It bridges the gap between classroom training and industry demand. It also exposes you to your potential readers and allows you to create content for different audiences.

          Is it mandatory to work on Live Projects?

          We highly recommend that you work on real-life projects to understand the nuances of consumer behaviour and learn to influence the readers through your content. It also allows you to learn to sell your writing skills to potential clients.

          Will I be paid for Live Projects?

          You will be working under the guidance and supervision of our inhouse expert writers who will be responsible for delivering the projects to the client’s satisfaction. For you, it is a learning opportunity. Therefore, it will not be a paid opportunity. However, once you complete the course and earn your certification, you will get paid job opportunities from our organization.

          Do I have to visit the institute to work on Live Projects?

          No. You will work on live projects from your home. All the assistance will be provided through phone and video conferencing.

          Do you support students in placements or freelance job opportunities?

          Yes. After completion of the course, you will get 100% placement assistance. Also, we offer you guaranteed freelance job opportunities which will be paid work. It means you will start earning soon after completion of the course.

          Name some of the organizations where your alumni are working?

          We have more than 1100 clients from across the globe who offer freelance/full-time job opportunities for our students. Some of the prominent names include Tech Mahindra, Oyo Rooms, NIIT Technologies, KPMG, Samsung, etc.

          When do You Conduct Classes?

          The classes will be conducted on all Saturday and Sunday.

          How Can I Become a Content Writer?

          Here is a sure-shot way of becoming an excellent content writer: Publish your work, actively seek feedback and work on them. Add value and get rid of the habit of paraphrasing, get certified, and work for clients. Watch this video to learn more about how you can become a professional content writer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT0jlKldGuA.

          Write everyday to become a content writer. Get certified to stand out if you are looking to offer your services to the clients. Make sure that you use a new word in every new piece of content you write so that you can enhance your vocabulary. Most importantly, develop outstanding research skills as most of the content writing projects involve subject matter expertise. Excellent research skills will help you gather the information and write an excellent piece of work.

          Is there any course for Content Writing?

          Yes. ECT offers the most comprehensive content writing course in the industry. The institute is recognized by the Government of India. It has 13 modules and 6 Certifications. ECT Content Writing course covers all modules like basics of English grammar, vocabulary building, technical writing, SEO writing, business writing, copywriting, creative writing, fiction writing, academic writing and specific writing modules.

          What is a Content Writing Course?

          A Content Writing course is a certification training course that covers all the modules needed to hone your writing skills. Typically, a content writing course will enable you to express yourself with clarity through written communication. Course duration of the content writing course is 3 months.

          Which are the best Content Writing Courses in India

          ECT Content Writing Course is the best content writing course in India because of the government recognition, trainer’s profile, course duration & structure, placement records, live projects, and pedagogy. No other content writing course in India is recognized by the Government of India.

          Is Content Writing a Good Career?

          Content writing is one of the best career options as it offers flexibility to work from home & high paying job opportunities. Also, you can opt for this career along with any other full-time job. If research is your passion, content writing will help you build a sound career option.

          Which are the Best Content Writing Courses Online India?

          Are you searching for “content writing courses online India”? Your search ends here. ECT offers the best content writing courses online in India. Since we are recognized by the government of India, the certification in content writing from ECT helps you gain a competitive edge in the Indian and overseas market. 

          The key characteristics of the best content writing courses online in India are engagement with students, direct conversation with the mentor, and round the clock support. Our online content writing classes are super-engaging. We pay individual attention to every participant and ensure that once you join the best online content writing course in India, you become the best content writer not just in India but start working with international clients.

          ECT support team is incredible. When you join our online content writing course, you get support through email, phone & WhatsApp. The support continues even after completion of the content writing course. You will get weekly refresher videos and on-demand workshops completely free of cost so that you will stay updated on the latest industry developments.

          Join the best content writing courses online in India and transform your writing skills today.

          I want to publish my book. Will you help me with the same?

          Yes. We have a dedicated module that helps you self-publish your book for free. We can also replace all our assignments and Live Projects with your book so that you can get adequate time to write and publish your book. We also offer assistance in editing and proofreading your book content.

          I am a homemaker and not comfortable with technology? Can I learn Content Writing?

          Of course, you can learn content writing. We offer a separate and dedicated class to help you get started with technology. Also, we have a dedicated staff to help you deal with all the technical stuff. So leave all your worries to us and focus on honing your skills.

          How Much Money Do Content Writers Make?

          Content Writers earn anything between INR 50,000 to INR 3.5 lakh per month.

          What is the eligibility criteria to attend this course?

          If you have appeared for or passed the Higher Secondary Level (10+2) exam, you can attend this course. Our content writing training batches comprises 16-year-old youth, working professionals, homemakers, retired professionals, as well as entrepreneurs. It is a creative skill that can be learned by anyone. 

          Which Government Body has Recognized ECT?

          Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India has recognized ECT as a startup. 

          Why ECT Content Writing Course is the Best in India?

          See a comparison of ECT Content writing Course Vs Others






          Institute Recognition

          Recognized by the Government of India


          Course Duration

          3 Months

          1 Month

          Number of Classes




          Saket Kumar Singh, Founder & CEO of SixPL, a leading digital marketing company in India


          Internship Opportunity

          Yes – Work on real projects from real clients

          Dummy Projects

          Placement Assurance

          100% paid placement assurance in full-time job, part time, freelancing, and work from home job opportunities

          Only on paper

          Lifetime Support


          No (Only one year support)

          Study Material

          Presentation, e-books, videos, classroom recordings 

          Only Presentations

          Certification Criteria

          Need to complete writing assignments and work on real projects to earn a certification

          No criteria

          Training Mode

          Online and Offline

          Online & Offline

          Physical Infrastructure

          Training Center in Connaught Place, Delhi


          Class Recordings

          High Quality Videos

          Simple Recording

          Free Tools

          Worth 50,000+

          Worth 30,000+

          Digital Library



          Verdict – No one can match the course curriculum and other benefits offered by ECT Content Writing Course. Therefore, ECT Advanced Content Writing Course is the best content writing course in India.

          What is Content Writing?

          Content Writing is “writing with a purpose.” We write content to express, inform, entertain, or persuade readers. In professional content writing, we write different types of content for clients. Watch this video to know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlWfkeh67o4

          Should I do the Content Writing Course from ECT?

          Yes, of course. Content writing course from ECT is designed to transform your writing style in 90 days. The course has ten modules that cover all types of writing styles. You also get freelance writing projects and 100% placement support from the organization.

          Is ECT Content Writing Course available in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, or Hyderabad or in other cities?

          You can join ECT Content Writing Courses from across the world if you have a smartphone or laptop with a stable internet connection. Our students are from all major cities in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc. We do have special batches for our international students.

          How can I learn Content Writing at Home?

          Join an online content writing course or subscribe to YouTube channel that offers content writing courses for free. ECT YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9jwRdT6hcdXzdk5L0UEKKw that comes up with a weekly video series on content writing. Practice more and ask for the feedback. Write every day to stay in practice.

          Is Content Writing Easy?

          Content writing is easy if you are good in internet research skills. There are many types of writing styles such as SEO Writing, blog writing & academic writing are simple. However, some types of writing like, Business and Technical Writing requires practical knowledge and experience. You can begin your career as a SEO or Academic Writer and then with experience you can work on other types of writing style.

          Where do I Start in Content Writing?

          Either join a Content Writing Course or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Follow the instructions of your mentor. Start writing every day.  Seek feedback from your close friends. Work on the clients’ project if you can. Working on clients’ project will help you improve continuously due to feedback from the clients. Also, decide a monthly income goal and start working towards them. 

          Do I need to Join a Content Writer Course to become a Writer?

          A content writer course will help you differentiate from the crowd. Today, everyone claims to be a writer simply because they post a few posts on social media, or they copy content from a source and paraphrase it to make it look unique. However, that is not the right approach to content writing.

          To become a successful writer, you need to create and add value to your readers through your content. You also need to learn to achieve professional writing goals in a time-bound manner.

          A content writer course helps you learn the nuances of content writing. It also enables you to learn all types of content writing, such as technical writing, business writing, creative writing, etc. When you join a content writer course, you will also learn to monetize your writing skills.

          Join a content writer course to be an authentic and accomplished writer.