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“Teachers can multiply their income potential by combining their subject matter expertise with sound writing skills.”


You are an expert in your subject. If you can learn to write well, you can easily share your expertise with millions of people who are looking to learn from your knowledge and experience. It offers an excellent opportunity to monetize your skills.


You can work as a freelancer, start your blog, publish your books or teach online to multiply your income without leaving your home.


Excellent writers can’t know all subjects. Similarly, not all subject matter experts can write well. Therefore, there is a high demand for writers who can write well on a particular topic. As a teacher, you already know your subject. You are already aware of the educational system. If you can hone your skills, you will be among the highest paid, most in-demand professionals. You will also have multiple opportunities to work from home.


How to hone your writing skills


You can become a writer irrespective of the subject you teach. Follow these steps and spend 30 minutes a day to transform your writing skills in 90 days.


Join a Content Writing Course to Save Time and Get Proper Guidance 


Managing your school and family could leave little time for learning something new. Therefore, join a content writing course to get help from an experienced mentor and save time in research and experimentation. The mentor will personally help you set a goal and give you the direction. All you need to do is reserve 30 minutes every day for completing the activities recommended by the mentor. 


A personalized feedback on assignments will further help you identify your mistakes and work on concepts that can dramatically improve your writing style. 


Also, join a content writing course that offers weekend classes so that you will get enough time to revise the classwork and complete activities.


ECT offers a comprehensive content writing course which is suitable for teachers and educators. We understand your concerns, and therefore we have ensured that you accomplish your writing goals with ease in 90 days.


Learn more about ECT content writing courses here.


Subscribe to YouTube Channel to Keep Yourself Updated


ECT offers a free live session every Thursday on its YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel for free to get an alert when we conduct free live sessions on Youtube. Take advantage of these educational videos to improve your vocabulary, grammar, technology and marketing skills. 


As a subscriber, you can also request new videos that can help you improve your writing skills. 


Although subscribing to the channel is not adequate to hone writing skills in a time-bound manner as it doesn’t offer the comprehensive course modules and personalized feedback, it is the best place to start your learning process.


Click here to subscribe to the channel for free.


Write every day


Writing is like any other skill. The more you practice, the better you become. Thus, write every day and seek feedback from close friends. Identify the most frequent mistakes and work on them to minimize the same.


Remember that we need to invest time to develop new habits. Thus, despite your hectic schedule, find those special 30 minutes that you can invest in building in a formidable future. Whether you write a sentence, a paragraph, or a complete blog, ensure that you write everyday.   


Wondering which topics to write on?


Download the topics ideas specially curated for teachers.


Work for Clients

Working for clients is like learning on someone else’s expense. Since clients will pay you to get their work done, they need quality work. Therefore, they will give feedback on almost every project you do. Clients’ feedback is more valuable than that of close friends. Consequently, it will help you improve your writing skills further.


Learning becomes inspirational when you start getting paid for it.


Do you find it challenging to get clients?


Contact us to get a free consultation on how you can start getting clients.


Read American Business Magazines


India has many outstanding authors and journalists who regularly write for Indian newspapers. However, as a newbie, you may not be able to differentiate them from a vast majority of mediocre writers who fill newspaper columns just to meet deadlines. In one of the videos, I have highlighted the common mistakes in Indian newspapers.


Thus, whether you want to be a creative or technical writer, start reading American business newspapers and magazines. You will learn new words and their correct usage. Over time, you will also develop a native writing style which is internationally accepted and appreciated.


It will also boost your confidence and help you discover your unique writing style.


Do you want to know specific newspapers and magazines you should read to develop quality readings?

Get a list of resources that can help teachers improve their writing skills.


Hone Your Research Skills


As a professional writer, you may be required to write on the topics you don’t know. Research skills will come to your rescue in such cases. 


Also, the Internet is full of garbage content. Thus, you can’t take content from any source and paraphrase it in your words. If you want people to take you seriously as a writer, then learn to discover accurate information from authentic sources.


Do you need help in improving your research skills? Request a demo class targeted to improving research skills for teachers. 


This is a golden time for teachers as the entire world is moving their education infrastructure online. Over the next few years, there will be massive demand for content creators from subject matter experts. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Talk to us if you need any help in learning skills or time management.