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Communication Skills

The process by which exchange of information takes place is what we name Communication. The messages between sender and a receiver are transferred through different methods like spoken words, nonverbal cues, and written words. The relationships are established and modified by making use of this mechanism. Those who just step out after graduation face different problems in the practical life. And the major problem is that due to lack of communication skills.

According to the survey done by NASSCOM, only 10 percent of the fresh graduates get employment; this is indeed a very low percentage. Another report revealed that only 25 percent of MBA and engineering graduates are employable. It is the dilemma that most of the fresher, after completing their MBA and B-Tech, get the jobs which they would get even without doing a professional course. This leads to the distress and disappointment to these newcomers.

The point to ponder is what is the reason behind the unemployment? Why do these percentages of graduates not get jobs? Why they are given the position as they are under graduates? What makes them parallel to those who did not do graduation? What differentiates these unemployed from employed with same qualification? All these questions have valid and appropriate answers. All these answers point towards “Soft Skills”. In this era of industrialization the effective communication is essential for the growth of individuals and industries.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills refer to personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. They enhance an individuals interactions, career prospects and performance of job. Soft skills are called people’s skills and preferred over hard skills. Hard skills can get you an interview but soft skills make you to get- and keep- the job. These skills include optimism, integrity, and sense of humor, empathy, leadership qualities, communication, sociability, confidence, general awareness, business ethics, basic managerial skills and domain knowledge. Students who lack these skills affect their career. They don’t grow stronger instead of possessing hard skills.

Unfortunately, our system does provide ways to students to get any exposure regarding this. In addition the situation gets worse when students don’t have industry exposure. This is the biggest flaw of our system that students are given the theoretical education. Visits to industries, business points and other working areas are very necessary. It is really very tragic that students are not given what they have to be given. No exposure, no sufficient market visits and many more. Actually they are not given the chance to grow. You know in this age people are so advanced and successful. There is no room for theses graduates if their deficiency includes soft skills. You know your degree has an impact onto next. But it is not everything. Why should people prefer you over others? Why should they select you? What kind of personality traits do you possess? How can you lead yourself and the business to the heights? What do you have special in you? This kind of questions and many more are asked. You should not only able to answer those but also have ability to prove that. If you have already polished then you can prove yourself.

We are so concerned about the difficulties you face. So we are having started a training course which will gap this bridge of soft skills. We will teach you all the ways to make you future brighter. This will surely open ways to jobs. We teach you relevant skills which can make you shine practically. Just come and take yourself to the place you always dreamt to be there. Communication skills have got the prime importance in every one’s life. Student should be aware of it.