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Join our personality development course and reach the peak of your career

Develop a Magnetic Presence and Influence Others

Unable to crack the interview for your dream job? With our module on “Communication Skills Development”, learn the art of clear and effective communication. We will help you hone your leadership skills and ace every interview with your charm and charisma. Become a pro at  making impressive resumes, LinkedIn profiles and improve your writing skills with our email writing classes. 

Join the best personality development course & get trained by the experts

With years of experience in soft skill development, our trainers guide your transformation and help you achieve excellence in all spheres of life.

Government Recognised Certification

Exciting Internship in Sales Management

Discover a Passion that Fulfills You

3 Months Personality Development Course

Special Focus on Building Confidence

Enhance Your Employability

Lifetime Access to Latest Study Material

Learn to Communicate Effectively

Understand Body Language & Voice Modulation

Lifetime Access to Videos of All Classes

Master the Art of Living a Balanced Life

Know how to Look Your Best in Every Situation

Course Fee – INR 12,000 (Inclusive of GST)

Deal with Every Situation with the Utmost Confidence

Confidence is the Foundation for Your Success

Is fear of failure & low self-confidence stopping you from realizing your dreams? Through our comprehensive module in “Confidence-building”, learn to tap into your inner strength and achieve success in whatever you do. Unlock endless possibilities with the belief that anythng can be achieved, if you put your heart and mind to it.

Win every Challenge with a Positive Growth Mindset

Spread Happiness, Joy & Hope All Around

Are negative thoughts and self-doubts eating away at your happiness? In our Happiness Mindset module, we will teach you powerful methods to remain joyful and positive even in the face of obstacles. Through practical time-management lessons, learn to take out time for things that re-energize your mind & body. Master the art of work-life balance and strengthen your bond with people who matter the most in your life.

A Communication Skills & Personality Development Course to Boost Skills, Confidence & Earnings

Do you feel your you are unable to convincingly communicate your deepest thoughts?

Does your personality make you feel like an introvert every time you want to mingle?

The focus of our programme is on helping you break the barriers to effective communication. Our thoughtfully-crafted modules will bring out the best traits of your personality and enable you to shine, anywhere and everywhere.

Individual Assessment

Communication Skills

Confidence Building

Time Management

Interpersonal Skill

Happiness Mindset

Artistic Development (Deals with developing a hobby or a Passion)

Health is Wealth

Be Job Ready (Resume, LinkedIn profile, Email Writing tips etc)

We Believe in You! You have the Power!

Our expert coaches help you explore your inner strengths. Enroll in our programme to conquer the fear and inhibitions of your everyday life.

Know Your Instructor

Saket Kumar Singh

Saket Kumar Singh

Founder & CEO, SixPL

Saket is the Founder & CEO of SixPL, a Leading Digital & Content Marketing Agency in India. Having trained more than 2000 Corporate Professionals in Writing & Digital Marketing Domain, Saket Strives to train the best Content Writers out of his program.

Apart from being a top-rated Ghostwriter in India, Saket is a Management Graduate from a Premier Business School, and is driven by a passion for enabling others to succeed in their Professions.

Connect with him on YouTube.

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Stand Apart from the Crowd

Effective Communication skills and a Groomed Personality are the stepping stones to success. Be it in your personal life or at your workplace, these skills will always give you an edge over others. Our team has relentlessly worked to identify certain principal cognitive techniques that make people confident & capable while enhancing their communication skills. Enroll in our personality development course today and see your efforts skyrocketing. Visit this page to know more about us.

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